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B Boys Declare Lieberman "Comeback Kid" And Allen "A Doofus"

Reported by Deborah - August 19, 2006 -

Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes were happy to report the finding of a Quinnipiac poll showing Lieberman leading Lamont prompting them to use terms like "comeback kid" and "joe-mentum".
Senator George Allen didn't do as well on Beltway Boys this week after his racist slip of the tongue prompting Kondracke to say Allen " looked like a doofus".

The Quinnipiac University poll puts Lieberman at 51% and Lamont at 43% with Schlesinger in single digits. The Boys were especially thrilled that 75% of Republicans back Lieberman and 59% of Independents don't agree with his war stance but support him anyway.

This prompted them to wonder if the Democrats will recognize his seniority or will Lieberman be better treated by the Republicans after he wins the election. Kondracke decided that the " Democrats wouldn't be that stupid."

George Allen got rougher treatment from Kondracke after calling an Indian/American videographer "Maccaca" and saying to him "Welcome to America" at a campaign stop in Virginia. Kondracke said " it made him look like a doofus". Barnes countered, "I don't think he looked like a doofus".

Barnes defended Allen claiming people were making a mountain out of a molehill. Barnes admitted that it would be a problem for Allen if he ran for President but added that the media doesn't like Republican candidates anyway.

comment: The "doofus" exchange was pretty amusing but my chuckles quickly vanished with their news that Rick Santorum is gaining on Bob Casey. As a Pennsylvania resident, that was sobering news. Barnes claimed that all the Republicans have told him that Santorum would win. Well, considering the absolute flood of Santorum ads recently, this could be a depressing reality. Every ad is designed to make Santorum look like a dedicated humanitarian who helps the kids, working class families, seniors and the environment. In other words, the ads make him look like a Liberal Democrat. Maybe I missed the Bob Casey ads. I sure hope those ads are out there.