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John Karr gets 15 minutes of fame and then some on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - August 17, 2006 -

Watching The Big Story today 8/16/06 one would have to believe that the Jon Benet Ramsey case was the most important thing going on in the world right now, because the Big Story issued _4_ FOX News Alerts! complete with gongs and whooshes in just one hour, and devoted approximately 40 minutes of air time to repetition of the slight facts and plenty of history and analysis.

In total the show featured 7 FOX News Alerts!, 2 for the "suspicious containers" at Port Seattle and 1 for the flight diverted to Logan airport. The entire time devoted to the Ramsey case (40 minutes, no kidding), whether the images were of the Ramsey home, the parents, Jon Benet, or the analysts on the case ((Carol McKinley, Greta Van Susteren, Judge Andrew Napolitiano, and Lis Weihl), the top banner on the chyron was a red FOX NEWS ALERT.

Gibson made a couple of telling remarks during his scant coverage of the coastal incidents: of the Seattle suspicions he said "Everybody on edge for terrorism lately" and regarding the Logan incident he said "New air scare... and on the exact same day the attacks were supposed to take place." (British officials said the alleged plotters didn't even have tickets yet - some didn't even have passports - so Gibson is just pushing the party line here.)

Ironically, the information they had on the Ramsey case could have fit into one of their bottom of the hour headlines (where they "report" serious and unfavorable news of value): John Karr, 41, former teacher, moved to Bangkok Thailand several years ago, emailed the Ramseys repeatedly with details only the killer could know, arrested on unrelated sex charges in Bangkok, allegedly has confessed to killing JBR 12/26/96.

It's promising to be a long election cycle, with fear and terror dominating the Republican talking points. Again.