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Bill O'Reilly's Attack On Liberal Radio Host Foiled By Vigilant Democrat

Reported by Deborah - August 11, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly pounced on a new media victim tonight, Lynn Samuels, Sirius Radio, for commenting about the timing of the arrests in London yesterday. He promoted the segment like a carnival barker outside a freak show. " We will bring you the low lights and name names" and another chyron read "Dumb and Dumber". Although he did get his chance to try to demean and discredit Samuels, Ellis Hennican brought him down a few pegs diluting the strength of the attack.

O'Reilly played a clip Of Samuels creating a hypothetical dialogue of Bush suggesting to Blair that it was time to make the arrests. O'Reilly had that disdainful smirk on his face as if Samuels was totally ridiculous.

Ellis Hennican and Laura Scwartz, two Democrats, were on hand to enhance O'Reilly's sneer fest. Commenting that nobody listens to her , he asked his guests if this sort of thing would hurt the Democrats. Schwartz was very serious agreeing that this would hurt Democrats but Hennican had a different approach although he never defended Samuels personally.

Hennican opened making fun of Samuel's New York accent which seemed to amuse O'Reilly. Then Hennican suggested that there were" whackos" on both sides mentioning a few right wing media outlets like Newsmax. O'Reilly kept up his blind denial about right wing media until Hennican mentioned Micheal Savage. The name stopped BOR in his tracks and he knew he was beaten. However, because he really likes Hennican, O'Reilly was actually amused for a moment.

Hennican suggested that they both denounce the extemists on both sides but O'Reilly was compelled to continue his left wing media shtick This time it was the San Francisco Chronicle for commenting on Bush' vacation during a crisis. O'Reilly seemed to think that was awful calling it a " cheap shot"

Hennican caught him by surprise bringing up Cheney's comment that the voters for Ned Lamont were helping Al Qaeda. O'Reilly tried to defend Cheney saying it was just politics. Earlier he had bashed Howard Dean for criticizing Cheney but now he claimed that he really didn't mind Dean's comment.

However, a very interesting thing happened at this point. O'Reilly, Hennican and Schwartz started a real conversational debate where O'Reilly wasn't in control . O'Reilly made a negative Murtha comment at the end to save face but Hennican congratulated him as if he had made some important progress during the segment.