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Fox Guest Calls Lieberman 'Moderate' & Calls MoveOn.Org 'Ultra Liberal'

Reported by Donna - August 8, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) he had a segment with Sig Rogich, Former George Bush 41 advisor, and Robert Zimmerman, NY Chairman for Al Gore and John Kerry, to speak about the Lieberman/Lamont race though Lamont's name was not even mentioned.

The following is my transcript between Sig Rogich and Robert Zimmerman.

Bill Hemmer: Sid, what do you think we can learn about this race?

Sig Rogich: Well, you know, I think it's a dangerous ground here. You've got liberal elements of the party telling Democrats there's no room for moderation. And you've got MoveOn.org and you've got the bloggers who are focused on Lieberman but I think it puts the party on a dangersous position for the 2006 (? overtalk on the date) elections. (Since when is Joe Lieberman a moderate? According to this man's opinion?)

BH: How so?

Sig Rogich: What it does is it sends the message that there is no room for moderation.

Robert Zimmerman: Quite to the contrary the message is being sent from this primary in that supporting the staus quo and supporting George Bush's misguided, tragic adventures in Iraq are just not acceptable to the American electorate. Now I'm supporting Joe Lieberman very proudly.

BH: What if he comes back and wins, Robert?

RZ; Well, I'm supporting Joe Lieberman very proudly and i hope he does win but the very fact that the very distinguised Senator of 18 years fighting for his political life and lost a 55 percent lead indicates the strong consensus that's building among Democrats, Republicans and moderates and liberal alike. Conservatives as well, that we have to change our direction. (The) Washington Post had a poll out two weeks ago that showed that 44 percentage of self described moderates wanted a date certain to leave Iran. And likewise, a third of conservatives.

BH: So you think that this is all an anti war vote? You know, we bring in other people on the air today saying they're trying to find the difference between anti war vote or anti incumbant vote? What could it be if Lieberman goes down?

SR: Well, Bill, historically in this country we've always had an anti war vote. I mean if you look back at previous administrations in times of war you're going to see that happen. You've never quite sean it mobilized like this by a liberal, an ultra liberalized movement like Moveon.org. All those people who are there trying to take out a moderate senator because his support for the war at a time when, by the way I might add, a lot of Democrats (supported it? overtalk)

RZ: Th\is is a much broader spectrum, 85% of the American people, according to last weeks Gallup Poll feel that Iraq is the most exremely important issue or the most important issue. There's a national consensus that the Bush Administrations policies are failing. We've been hearing that from former Bush Administation officials like Richard Armitage.

SR: There's no question, Robert. There's no question that it's on people's minds. 85% is probably an accurate figure but the same polls do not indicate that 85% will vote against moderation because a great majority of the Senate supported the president when he went into Iraq, Democrats and Republicans alike. (overtalk)

RZ: Many of the Republicans have stood up and challenged the president, like Chuck Hagel and John McCain, have challenged the president and challenged Secretary Rumsfeld.

SR: They challenge but they supported him and if you see what McCain said he supported him explicitly.

RZ: But what you also have to be very mindful of, Sig, is that those incumbant Republicans who want to be a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration are going to face a very risky future.

BH: Guys, i gotta go, I'm sorry.

Comments: Time after time Rogich referred to the people who supported the president almost 3 1/2 years ago when we went to war with Iraq. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and a lot of reasons for going to that war have been proven false. Don't label the American public so quickly as to not realize this. And then calling Liebermann a moderate? Give me a break. But Republicans do love to talk about MoveOn.org as ultra liberal, like it's a radical group, as if Liberal was a dirty word.

It doesn't work that way anymore. People are onto the Bush Administration and their record. The American people won't be fooled again.