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Bill O'Reilly Uses Veteran To Attack Boston Globe

Reported by Deborah - August 8, 2006 -

Sgt. Brian Fontaine, an injured veteran, recently returned from Iraq to his home in Boston. O'Reilly claimed that Sgt. Fontaine was treated unfairly in an article written in The Boston Globe and invited the young soldier to discuss his grievances on The Factor. Fontaine was clearly upset and said to O'Reilly,
" If I had known it was a liberal newspaper, I wouldn't have talked to them. I didn't know it was anti-war"

Fontaine didn't say when or where he got this inaccurate information about The Globe but he seemed really upset and apologetic. Then O'Reilly asked him these questions as if trying to confirm Fontaine's patriotism for the public.
" Are You a war protester? Was your sacrifice worth it? Do you believe America is a noble nation?"
It seemed like Fontaine was officially purged of guilt by association by O'Reilly's questioning.

Marvin Kalb was on hand and brought some clarity revealing that Fontaine and his family objected to the Photo and the headline but agreed that all the quotes were accurate. The headline claimed that Fontaine "questioned the mission" which he didn't deny saying. O'Reilly claimed that we all have doubts repeating the charge that The Globe is " anti-war and anti- Bush".

O'Reilly continued the charge that Fontaine was treated unfairly by The Globe. "I'd never do anything like that," he bragged. Kalb, who was O'Reilly's teacher in Harvard, politely agreed with his host but without much enthusiasm.

Comment:Unfortunately, O'Reilly was too focused on his liberal media obsession to acknowlege Sgt. Fontaine properly. It seems Brian is planning to be the 3rd generation of fire fighters in his family once he has some time to heal. Too bad O'Reilly was too busy to cover the real story here which is Sgt. Brian Fontaine.