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Bill O'Reilly's Fixation On Far Left Persecution Continues

Reported by Deborah - August 7, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly claims that only people on the Left label and malign people unjustly. Michelle Malkin, definitely on the Right, admitted tonight on The Factor that she " calls people what they are" but that must not count to O'Reilly because this is what he said to his viewers.
"I don't know if anyone on the right does it. Couldn't come up with anyone"

O'Reilly started out with the usual naming of the latest far left character assassins who have displeased him. There's probably no need to name them since they'll know when they find all the hate mail waiting in their in-box.

O'Reilly admitted that Al Gore has been called insane but thats not the same and he noted that Ann Coulter calls people names like "witch" but she's no problem. At the mention of Coulter's name, he and Malkin chuckled as if Coulter were some charming, harmless eccentric. "Name calling is one thing", he noted but didn't like labels like "bigot" which of course he had recently been called.

Malkin chimed in that she's been on the recieving end of the Left. "It's a crude tool in the tool shed of the Left.", Malkin poetically opined.

Kirsten Powers, Malkins regular debate partner, objected that calling Al Gore insane is most definitely labeling. O'Reilly barked, " No one believes that Al Gore is insane!" Then Powers brought up the horrible attacks on Clinton. O'Reilly was forced to admit that the Clinton attacks were vicious but then quickly pinned it on the left asking Powers why it was "a far left tool"

This was Power's chance to confront O'Reilly and Malkin with their hypocrisy. Knowing the topic, she should have come armed with a list of "labeling" done by Malkin and O'Reilly. Instead she played into his hands claiming that the people on the left who say those things really believe them.

comment: So what's the deal with people like O'Reilly and Malkin. Are they lying or totally insane. I can't decide but I almost hope they're lying because the alternative is just too frightening.