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Mixed Messages On Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - August 5, 2006 -

During the weekly Ups and Downs segment, Fred Barnes and Juan Williams gave viewers some mixed messages. Ned Lamont was up but Joe Lieberman got the support. Donald Rumsfeld was down but Hillary Clinton got the criticism. 8/5/06

Ned Lamont recieved the coveted Up because he has a 13 point lead over Joe Lieberman in the Conneticut Senate Primary. The up arrow was about all Lamont got in the way of individual recognition or from Barnes and Williams. It was all about poor Joe Lieberman.

Barnes claimed Lieberman is losing because " Democrats are opposed to the war with a huge passion" adding that driven by their hatred for George Bush, Democrats think Lieberman is a Bush collaborator. Barnes added a confusing point about how an August primary would work against Lieberman. Williams, showing some rare spirit, told Barnes " to get out of the precincts with his right wing buddies" because it's not only Democrats against the war. Claiming that Lieberman is being punished at the polls by Democrats, Williams thought Lieberman could win the elecion as an Independent.

It came as a momentary surprise that Donald Rumsfeld recieved a Down for the week. However, Barnes and Williams said nothing negative about Rummy because they let Hillary Clinton do it for them and then bashed her instead. After showing a clip of Senator Clinton confronting Rumsfeld, Williams called it "pure politics". Barnes quipped that we know why she requested an open hearing.

Sometimes down is up and up is down but the message always gets out on FOX.