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Hannity’s “Freedom Concert” Broadcast A Warmongering Hatefest Waving American Flags

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2006 -

Almost the entire Hannity & Colmes last night was devoted to promoting Sean Hannity’s second 2006 “Freedom Concert.” Hannity’s first “Freedom Concert” distinguished itself by ejecting Mike Stark, a liberal blogger, on the un-American grounds that he had a different opinion than Hannity. Last night’s concert was a non-stop stream of hate – hate toward Arabs, toward Democrats, toward liberals, toward Hollywood celebrities while Sean Hannity sat in front of a sea of white faces waving American flags.

The first guests were admitted liar Oliver North and David Jacobson, a former Hezbollah hostage. They fed the audience a non-stop diet of lies, spin and hate designed to satisfy chickenhawk Hannity’s bloodlust for World War III.

“Tell us what you know (about Hezbollah),” Hannity asked Jacobson in a not-very subtle prompt to start the hate-mongering.

Jacobson did not disappoint. “Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization totally controlled, funded, directed by Iran and Iran is the great Satan of all terrorism. And the chief of security, the international chief of security for Hezbollah is a man by the name of Imad Mughniyah. I tell people you spell his name E-V-I-L.” Doesn’t that sound exactly like something an Islamic extremist would broadcast about the US?

Hannity brought the topic back to his latest passion: starting World War III (though I haven’t heard him mention a thing about enlisting). “It’s a difference in culture and civilization. They want to destroy Europe, they want to take out the United States.” Mr. Pot alleged, “They want their world view to dominate.”

North repeated his now hackneyed claim that Hezbollah has killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization except Al Qaeda. Judy did an excellent post discrediting that claim.

Not content with just warmongering against the Arabs, Jacobson attacked Alan Colmes next. When Colmes innocuously asked why Jacobson was taken and how he got released, Jacobson answered, “Alan, I was taken for one reason only. I was an American And I was ultimately released because of the great efforts of President Ronald Reagan and Ollie North. And you and other liberals have never really represented what went on.”

But there were a few facts that Hannity’s crew left out – like, for example, the fact that after North helped Jacobson and two others get freed, Hezbollah promptly seized three more hostages in order to bargain for more arms – which Ollie had been dealing in.

Jacobson said, “At that time, Iraq was winning the war against Iran (no mention that Iraq was using weapons we sold them) and it was decided to sell missiles to Iran so that they at least could sit and shoot back and forth with Iraq and they could keep busy for the next decade. If Iraq had won the war, Russians would have gone into Iran, the Iraqi army would have turned south and we would have all been riding horses within two months.” North chuckled and squeezed Jacobson’s knee at this dubious, racist statement and the white crowd erupted into cheers.

North denied that the US sided with Iraq during the Iraq war, giving them “a nod and a wink,” as Colmes put it. North claimed, “We provided information to the Iraqis, we provided munitions to the Iranians.” But a 2002 Newsweek article, read into the Congressional Record by Senator Robert Byrd, states, "For the next five years, until Iran finally capitulated, the United States backed Saddam's armies with military intelligence, economic aid and covert supplies of munitions."

The next guest was “The Great One,” Mark Levin, whose great talent seems to be meanness and bullying. No wonder Hannity loves him. Levin “tastefully” wore a hat that said “Clinton Happens.” I hope somebody goes on Hannity & Colmes wearing a “Bushit" shirt and brings up Levin when Hannity starts squawking.

Levin was paired with the predictably pro-Israel Bob Beckel, Hannity & Colmes' favorite “Democratic strategist.” Levin is another chickenhawk eager to start a war for others to fight. Praising Beckel for his stance, Levin talked tough from his folding chair at the concert. “(Beckel’s) one of the few Democrats who’s come out foursquare for the right of the Israelis to kick the ass of these barbarians. We should have done it after they killed 243 of our men and now the Israelis are doing it… What is all this talk about the UN? Who cares about the UN? The UN’s only important if we make it important. This is OUR national security.”

When Colmes criticized the Bush administration for its isolationist policies and asked if the Middle East situation isn’t at least partly the result of that, chickenhawk Levin ratcheted up his rhetoric. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” he shouted, interrupting Colmes. “Why are you excusing the enemy? Why are you excusing the terrorists?” Colmes started to defend himself and rightly said that he had said no such thing. But concert warrior Levin pointed his finger and shouted louder. “Excuse me, let me finish!” he demanded, though he allowed nobody else such a privilege. “You’re blaming George Bush for Hezbollah for killing Israelis. Excuse me!”

Colmes seemed completely unimpressed with Levin’s theatrics. “Calm down,” Colmes told him and turned the mike over to Beckel. Beckel asked Levin, “If everybody keeps pointing back to Iran, rightfully so. Are we not fighting the wrong part of the axis of evil? Why is it that George Bush knew about Iran, knew about these problems. They really have nuclear potential, Iraq never did. Why don’t we engage Iran?”

Levin answered, “If you’re arguing we need to go further, I’m with you brother. We need to go further.” He didn’t mention a thing about enlisting.

“I want that hat,” Hannity said.

It went on and on. Chickenhawks Tom DeLay and Ann Coulter (more on her in my next post) had some choice smears for the Democrats but decorated soldier John Murtha was once again painted as a traitor.

Even I can’t bear to go into it any more. Of all the FOX News shows I have seen, this one was far and away the most disgusting - and that's saying a lot.