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Predictably, Sean Hannity And David Horowitz Portray Mel Gibson As A Victim

Reported by Ellen - August 2, 2006 -

Mel Gibson hasn’t made it out of rehab yet but already Sean Hannity and David Horowitz have proclaimed him redeemed and unfairly scapegoated. True, he was caught making anti-Semitic remarks to a policeman after being pulled over for drunk driving less than a week ago. But Gibson has apologized so anyone who hasn’t gotten over it by now must be a mean-spirited, liberal Christian-hater.

Compassionate Hannity said, “What it seems to me, David Horowitz, is that in this day and age, when people really mess up, and if they really take responsibility and they really, honestly and truly apologize – we seem to be unforgiving in a lot of ways. Don’t you agree, David Horowitz?”

Horowitz agreed, of course, and accused Gibson’s critics of playing politics. “This is all about politics. I think that a lot of the people who are jumping all over Mel Gibson see him as some kind of a conservative – or as a Christian. There’s a lot of hatred of Christians in this country.” Horowitz proved just how above that sort of thing he was. Referring to the previous segment, which referenced Jimmy Carter’s opposition to Israel’s tactics in the Middle East, Horowitz said, “As a Jew, I feel much more threatened by people like Jimmy Carter.”

I guess that means we won’t be hearing any more about “Robert KKK Byrd” or “Ted Hiccup Kennedy” from Hannity. Both Byrd and Kennedy apologized decades ago. Bill Clinton also apologized. It must have slipped Hannity’s mind. But now that he’s in the forgiving spirit, I’m sure he’ll want to rectify that oversight.