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Fox Guest - Israel "Not Going To Risk One Israeli Innocent Civilian Who's Having A Missile Fired From A Building Even If It's Full Of 30 Innocent Lebanese"

Reported by Donna - August 2, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the focus remained on the Israeli point of view with no fair and balanced coverage from the Palestinian or Lebanese point of view. His guest, Aaron Cohen, was a former counter-terrorism Commando with the Israeli Defense Force and is now the founder and president of IMS, an Israeli style anti-terroist and security consulting firm.

I expected this to be a one sided segment, what I didn't expect were the words that I heard from Mr. Cohen regarding innocent Lebanese civilians lives as compared to innocent Israeli civilians lives.

The following is a partial transcipt, the last half of a very long segment, between Shepard Smith and Aaron Cohen.

Smith was talking about the terrible loss of life at Qana this past weekend and asked Cohen, "What concerns do you have concerning this?"

Aaron Cohen: I'm not concerned and the reason why is becasue I'm very confident in the Israeli military leadership and I believe they're not going to do things for no reason. (Comment: Well, as long as you believe this) Nobody is doing things just because that's what they feel is the right thing to do is. (?)

I think what they're doing now is they continue to feel out each situation and as they need to throw more water on the blaze, they're going to throw more water. The fact is there was an intelligence failure (my emphasis, a pretty bad intelligence failure, but a convenient excuse heard a lot during the Iraq war also) but now they are adjusting themselves quickly. Israel doesn't have the luxury like other countries do to be able to make the types of grave mistakes that have been made against terrorists and so they gotta figure it out really, really quickly, so, I'm confident that they'll be able to do that from my personal experience.

Shepard Smith: Are you concerned that it could become a broader conflict with the other neighbors or not so much?

AC: I think it could be. I'm concerned about Syria. I think that one of the reasons that Israel hasn't pushed its entire military into Lebanon, Israel has hundreds of thousands of regular forces and several hundreds of thousands of regular reserves. You know they don't want to get flanked by Syria. They don't want to make too big a commitment to Lebanon. They know that Syria has the ability to just come out. But, at the same time, Israel knows the civilian, the type of damage that can happen from this type of warfare. (Comment: The type of damage? You mean the deaths of innocent civilians, what a cold term - type of damage)

And, you know, regardless of what people are seeing on television, you know, Israel is really doing its best to try not to kill innocent people. (Comment: And we know this, how?) However they're not going to risk, you know, one Israeli innocent civilian, you know, who's having a missile fired from a building, even if it's full of 30 innocent Lebanese. (My emphasis) They're just not going to take that chance. And, so, it's unfortunate but this is counter terror and this is how you do it.

Comment: It's unfortunate that these innocent Lebanese civilians have to die? And what is he saying? Is he saying that Israel will kill 30 innocent Lebanese civilians to keep one innocent Israeli civilian safe? So Israeli lives are more important than Lebanese lives?

This particular mindset is truly mind boggling. It's the same kind of mindset that this administration uses - they point to less American soldiers getting killed and at the same time in May and June of this year, 6,000 innocent Iraqi civilians were killed.

Once again we got the view from the Israeli point of view - none from the Lebanese or Palestinian view. Fox - fair and balanced? I don't think so.