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It's Not Israel Vesus Hezbollah - It's Western Democracies Versus Radical Islamists

Reported by Donna - July 27, 2006 -

All week long I've been watching Shepard Smith on Studio B come to us from the Israeli/Lebanon border talking about the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict. Each day they've had an Israeli on who made the point that this was not just a war between Israel and Hezbollah, this was the same war that the U.S. was fighting against Islamic terrorism.

Today he had an Israeli, Major Michael Oren from the Israeli Army who once again, repeated this same thought.

Oren said that he didn't think Israel could accomplish what they wanted to accomplish against Hezbollah without International support. Smith asked him why a parent from France would want her son to come fight this war and Oren said that if he doesn't come then the war will be fought in Paris instead of Israel/Lebanon. (Comment: Sound familiar? Fight them here so you don't have to fight them at home?)

Oren continued that it was not an Israeli/Hezbollah conflic,t it was about western Democratic nations against radical Islamics. He also said that it would be up to George Bush to mobilize support.

Comments: I've been reporting on this all week long. Various Israeli guests have commented that this is not a regional conflict, this is the same war of terror that the U.S. is fighting. Their words make this conflict look more and more like a planned event. They have all of the rhetoric ready to back it up. And for what? Because 3 soldiers were kidnapped? We are now hearing reports that 400 to 600 Lebanon civilians have been killed so far and now we hear that the Israelis are going to go away from the ground combat and go back to air strikes which will insure more civilian deaths.

I also find it uncanny that I'm not hearing this same rhetoric reported on CNN and other sources.