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Fox Avoids Showing Lebanese Civilians

Reported by Donna - July 24, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith we heard Smith mention that there were Lebanese civilians that had been killed and injured and they showed one brief picture of a man on a gurney but they didn't have any segments devoted to the story.

Now on CNN they had an indepth segment (and a warning to people of graphic coverage) on civilians that had been killed or injured in Lebanon. We saw a 9 month old injured baby, with bloodstains, in the hospital with his mother crying beside him. We saw a 9 year old boy who was severely burned (possibly by phosphorus) and was crying out in pain and delirium.

Comments: It's like if Fox mentions it then that means it's been covered. But that's not giving the whole picture. Just mentioning it is not good enough. They had a good lead in to such a story, too. Shepard Smith had an exclusive segment with Israeli soldiers who talked about all of the blood and the death and the children when he had gone into Lebanon to fight. This would have been the perfect segue into a story on the actual civilians who were being affected.