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Bill O'Reilly Calls Democracy Alliance "Left Wing Mafia"

Reported by Deborah - July 18, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly concluded on The Factor that Democracy Alliance is actually the "Far Left Mafia" funding" character assassins" like Media Matters and Center for American Progress. He came to this conclusion while talking to Massie Ritsch, Center For Responsive Politics, and Laura Ingraham both of them trying to disassociate themselves from O'Reilly's paranoid fantasy. 7/18/06

After the 2004 Election, the Democracy Alliance was formed to fund Democratic think tanks and advocacy groups. Media Matters and The Center for American Progress are two organizations who have recieved support in the past year. Massie Ritsch told O'Reilly that the group is helping " Democrats play catch up" since the Right has been better funded and organized . O'Reilly objected to Ritsch calling them Democrats insisting they are "Far Left" but Ritsch corrected him saying , "They call themselves Center Left."

O'Reilly calling the alliance "nefarious" claimed that donors must sign a confidentiality agreement; pay a $25,000 entrance fee: $30,000 dues and then pledge $200,000 to the far left organizations.
"These are groups designed to assassinate. Character assassins. Left Wing Mafia, thats what it is."

Then Laura Ingraham came on for the second segment on the topic and O'Reilly was well into the Mafia concept by then. He compared Democracy Alliance to the Mafia saying they both have secret pacts, pay in up front and fund assassins like Media Matters and Center For American Progress.

Laura Ingraham didn't share his alarm. Acknowledging that George Soros was a major donor, Ingraham said,
" I don't blame George Soros. They are trying to purge the party of swishes."

This didn't comfort him at all and he was actually getting anxious telling Ingraham that it was a pipeline to the "smear" websites."The websites can say anything they want, lie, give directions to our houses" Then he complained that the far left papers start printing stuff from the websites using Rush Limbaugh as an example not himself. He concluded, " It intimidates good people."

Ingraham was not sympathetic telling O'Reilly that if anyone can't stand up to George Soros or Media Matters they should get out of this field.

comment: The all powerful "culture warrior" was definitely agitated and anxious. Could he be worried that he's #1 on the hit list?