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Harsh punishment for Teacher in sex case, frequent FOX target

Reported by Chrish - July 14, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly got his wish and then some. Former teacher Pamela Rogers, who O'Reilly sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation yesterday, was sent to jail for just under seven years by a judge in Tennessee.

As FOXNews.com reports, the judge revoked her probation, which she twice violated by contacting the boy she was found guilty of assaulting. She had pled no contest to "statutory rape and sexual battery by an authority figure."

FOX gave this story a lot of coverage, which gave them an excuse to replay over and over and over the video she made of herself doing a lewd and suggestive dance for the boy. If the boy was indeed traumatized, as his parents claim, isn't FOX spreading the trauma around by its repeated airings of the outrageous behavior?

O'Reilly frequently harps on punishments he finds too soft. I wonder if he will find this one too harsh.