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Fox News Wrong Again on Plame Affair

Reported by Judy - July 12, 2006 -

No matter how many times Fox News reports on the White House role in blowing the cover of a CIA agent, it never gets it right. Jim Angle, reporting from Washington on "Dayside" Wednesday (July 12, 2006) repeated the Republican lie that Valerie Plame sent her husband Joe Wilson to Niger to investigate claims that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy yellowcake uranium.

In his report, Angle claimed that Valerie Plame's role in "sending" Wilson to Niger was "confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee. But as Media Matters has pointed out, the Senate Intelligence Committee came to no such conclusion.

Angle also made much of the fact that no one gave Novak Plame's last name, and that he found it himself in Wilson's entry in Who's Who. The point, however, was not giving the last name but identifying the relationship.

Throughout the segment, the "Dayside" co-hosts did their best to undercut the significance of the story. After Angle finished his report, the audience was laughing, egged on by Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick, who were giggling about how complicated Angle made it sound. Angle did nothing to make the story easy to understand, racing through his report with few pauses. Fox News, which never met a graphic it didn't like, put up nothing to help the audience follow the complicated story as Angle engaged in his rapid-fire delivery.

Later on, Huddy encouraged her audience to ignore the story by noting, "There’s an element out there that says it is and was all much ado about nothing."

Juan Williams, a reporter for National Public Radio and regular Fox News guest, aided and abetted Fox News' partisan agenda by agreeing, but then reversed himself when an audience member called the Plame matter much ado about nothing. "I'm not sure it's much ado about nothing. If you start revealing the names of CIA agents, you put people in danger, people who put their lives at risk for our country and that’s a serious matter. I don’t think that’s to be underestimated," he said.

But a little later, Williams waffled again. "The president at one point said he was going to fire anybody who had anything to do with this, and the White House press secretary at one point said that Karl Rove and Scooter Libbey told him they had nothing to do with this. So now it looks like, given what Novak wrote this morning, Karl Rove did have something to do with it. I think the president should try to move on," he said, adding he hopes that Bush will not fire Rove.

Angle works for Fox News, which has been lying about the Plame matter from day one. Williams should have more integrity than to participate in Fox News' deliberate distortions about White House participation in outing people who are trying to protect our nation from terrorists. Not only was Plame outed, but all the people she ever worked with. It's the moral equivalent of announcing troop movements to the enemy, and far more treasonous than anything The New York Times has printed.