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Sunnis and Shiites Killing Each Other - Just Passing News

Reported by Donna - July 10, 2006 -

Studio B with Shepard Smith was just a mish mosh of news, i.e., serial killings in Phoenix, North Korean Missile test, Saddam boycotting the rest of his trial, that by the time they goit to any real news, it was just in passing.

The point of Stuido B is to cram as many quick news stories into a program that they can. The real news, which deserved a little more time was none other that the news of the Sunni/Shiite fighting and killing that is going on in Iraq.

Apparently there was a killing spree of 40 Sunnis by the Shiites yesterday. In retailiation 6 Sunnis were killed today for that murders.

Like I said, this was just said in passing as if it were important at the weather. Sounds like a civil war may be going on in Iraq, or at the very least, a string of perpetual violence.

Comment: It would have been nice to have seen an indepth piece done on this. How this compares with other days in Iraq. Is it an indication of a civil war? Or was Fox just playing down the violence? I would have liked to have seen it with a bit more in depth reverence than say, the weather.