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FOX's E. D. Hill Intimates That She Has Dirt on NY Times Editor Bill Keller

Reported by Marie Therese - June 28, 2006 -

During yesterday morning's FOX & Friends Edith Ann "E.D." Hill threatened to reveal secret information about Bill Keller, editor of the New York Times.

E. D. HILL: Since Bill Keller is in the news now, wouldn't you consider him a newsworthy figure? Because I've heard some very interesting things about Bill Keller.


HILL: They're secret!


HILL: But, you know what? Since Bill Keller is in the news, I think that the person ...

KILMEADE: Oh, good one!

HILL: ... who had someone uncover those secrets would be doing a public service, perhaps, by releasing them.

DOOCY: Was it Jayson Blair, who uncovered it?

HILL: No, it was not.

Ms. Hill works with Bill O'Reilly as his co-host on the Radio Factor. As I pointed out in a post dated January 2, 2006, the Great Bloviator made a similar threat against both Keller and NY Times columnist Frank Rich, saying: "But I can't allow this stuff to go unchecked. I'm the only person on television that's gonna hold these people accountable. The only one. Because everybody fears them but both of those men have led lives and if they want to attack people personally - Rich in print and Keller allowing it - then we're gonna have to just show everybody about their lives."

In my opinion, Hill and O'Reilly are skating on thin ice when they make statements like these.

But perhaps the more intriguing question is this: Were similar comments made to Mr. Keller during phone calls placed to his office in the two months prior to the release of the international finance story?

SPECIAL NOTE: Crooks & Liars has the video.

Did E. D. Hill Threaten Bill Keller?

While you're over there, check out the video of Democratic Sen. Carl Levin's interview with an obnoxious, ill-mannered, disrespectful Brian Kilmeade. Click here: Levin goes on the Opinion Network. The Senator minced no words at the end.

Post updated on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 2:04 PM EDT. Link to Crooks & Liars video added. - MT