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Republican Weekly Review On FOX

Reported by Deborah - June 24, 2006 -

The Republican message this week was coordinated and communicated with unusual discipline and focus on FOX News. The same stories and messages were repeated on every show and it was plain to anyone paying attention that FOX and the White House are working together. Today Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes wrapped it all up for viewers on The Beltway Boys which should be renamed The Republican Weekly Review.

Mort Kondracke opened with news that the President's disapproval rating has gone from 62% to 54% which he attributed to the Republican decision to "embrace the problems in Iraq and depend on Democrats to look weak."Then the Boys tried to make Democrats look weak just like they were instructed.

Sounding amused Mort said it all started when Karl Rove accused the Democrats of a cut and run. Showing a clip of John Murtha talking about Somalia and Bierut in defense of Rove's accusation, Kondracke laughed that those were two examples where we cut and run. Kerry got the #2 bash position after Murtha for his resolution this week which Kondracke insisted was designed to advance his campaign.

Barnes jumped it to get Hillary Clinton for saying that lack of unity among Democrats is good because they are working out conflicts. Barnes asked, "Did anyone break into laughter when she said that?" Barnes declared,"The American people prefer staying the course to cutting and running."

Next came a clip of John McCain saying that the Iraqi army is very serious but just not capable enough yet. Then Kondracle pulled a Hannity trick reading an anonymous quote which of course turned out to be Murtha talking in 2004. Following their directives the Boys gave Murtha extra attention.

They had a brief fling with the "Homegrown Terrorism" story but tread lightly since FOX went a bit far this week stressing the danger of the Miami 7. When the group's warehouse headquarters turned out to be a 300 square foot storage shed, their personas became less dangerous.

Of course, who could forget the NYT. One of the Boys wondered if they would publish enemy codes during WW2.
They didn't wonder if the WSJ might have been traitors too considering they published the same story this week.

Last story of the week was the North Korean Missle and the oft repeated debate on FOX about blowing it up and starting a war or shooting it down with our missle defense system. There wasn't any discussion about our inability to hit long range missles. That discussion probably wasn't sanctioned in the regulation talking points packet.

Although the Boys covered a lot of Republican message there was still time for one more shot at the Democrats. Claiming that poor Joe Lieberman was being punished by " anti war" Democrats, the Boys claimed he was one of the last strong on defense Democrats like Scoop Jackson and JFK. Calling Democrats " almost a pacifist party and a minority party", they thought it was really too bad.

comments: If FNC has a merit system, The Boys really chalked up some points today.