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Coulter Shoots Off Mouth Again

Reported by Judy - June 21, 2006

Possible felon and plaigirist Ann Coulter slandered Democratic National Chair Howard Dean Wednesday (June 21, 2006) by claiming that he is in line to be head of Al Qaeda in Iraq. And she made clear she was not saying it to be funny.

Appearing on Fox News' "Dayside," Coulter was ostensibly there to debate Democrat Susan Estrich about the war in Iraq. But "Dayside" co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick brought up some of Coulter's recent statements attacking widows of 9/11 victims. Coulter insisted that she meant to call them "harpies," that she believes what she wrote, and did not do it just for publicity.

Neither Huddy nor Jerrick asked her about allegations that she stole parts of the book from other writers without giving credit, but they did attempt to at least question her about the most extreme statements in her book, Godless.

Coulter put on her usual immature performance -- pretending not to hear what the other guest was saying, tossing her blonde hair around, and at times mumbling while others were talking, sort of like that guy in smelly clothes that sits next to you on the subway sometimes.

While discussing the war in Iraq, Coulter insisted that the Bush administration does not need a plan in Iraq because we didn't have one in World War II except to win (the ignorance of that statement is utterly beyond belief). The allied commanders had a very definite plan of attack against Germany, Italy, and Japan. And they had a clear idea of what it meant to win -- unconditional surrender. We don't have either a plan or a goal in Iraq, but why Fox News thought Coulter was qualified to talk about any aspect of the war in Iraq is beyond me.

Part way through the discussion, Coulter was asked by a fan in the audience what she thought the death of al Zarqawi would mean in terms of the end of the war in Iraq.

Coulter called his death "a huge blow against the insurgency" because now Al Qaeda must replace him. That alone shows how ignorant she is of matters having to do with Iraq. The 16 corpses found overnight in Iraq, as reported on Juan Cole's blog, certainly refute her contention that the "insurgency" has been dealth any kind of blow. As Estrich pointed out, American troops are in the middle of an Iraqi civil war, not some Al Qaeda-led insurgency. Yet Coulter spun her fantasy about what happens now that Zarqawi is dead.

"Each person moves up in Al Qaeda. The number 3 guy’s number 2 now. The number 11 guy’s number 10, and the number 48 guy is now Howard Dean," she said, looking very pleased with herself as the audience laughed and applauded.

"And by the way, I meant to say that. If you want to know if I really meant to say that, yes."

Estrich called Coulter's comment "absurd," but as she spoke, Coulter talked over her, mumbling something, and moving her head from side to side. It was her typical bizarre performance.

As disgusting as she was to watch, there was one side benefit of her performance. Coulter is on record that her statement was no "slip of the tongue" or attempt to be funny. "I meant to say that," she said. When Jerrick asked if she really meant to say Dean was part of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Coulter ignored the question. She had a chance to say she was "just kidding," or engaging in "satire," but she did not take it. She let her statement stand unqualified.

Watch if for yourself.

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