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O'Reilly Suggests Howard Dean, John Murtha,Jimmy Carter Help The Enemy

Reported by Deborah - June 20, 2006

Bill O'Reilly joined forces with Laura Ingraham tonight to discuss the "fine line" that separates dissent from " helping the enemy". O'Reilly was quite calm and diplomatic at the start of the segment saying "dissent makes our country strong." Then he pondered philosophically about where one " should draw the line" claiming that recently he has seen "people actually help the enemy." Playing it safe, he didn't come out directly calling anyone a traitor but instead slyly asked Ingraham to make the call. 6/20/06

Ingraham compained that although Amnesty International has done good work today they had nothing on their website about the two soldiers who were captured and brutally killed by the insurgents. She also fingered International Answer calling it a big anti war organization that has morphed into a group that blames America. O'Reilly popped in to once again blame the International Red Cross for the suicides in Gitmo because they wanted the detainees to have privacy.

Ingraham took the first jab at Howard Dean claiming that he used the deaths of the captured soldiers to slm Bush instead of blaming the insurgents suggesting that he was insensitive. This is the comment that Dean made on MSNBC which was not quoted on The Factor.

"You can't -- you simply can't trust the Republicans to defend America anymore. It's not that they're not willing to be tough; it's just that they're not smart. They've gotten us into a situation in Iraq -- we had one week of good news, now two of our brave soldiers are kidnapped. You cannot trust people who won't pay attention to the military and will send our troops abroad without proper equipment. You can't trust those people to defend America. I submit to you that it is the Republicans that are weak on defense, 'cause they don't know what they're doing."

O'Reilly then asked his question. " Do you think that Howard Dean is helping the enemy?"Ingraham went on to explain why this was true leaving O'Reilly clean.

He moved quickly to the next victim, John Murtha, asking Ingraham what she thought about him. She seemed to think the enemy was impressed with Murtha's veteran status and he was extremely helpful to the cause. O'Reilly tried to rise above the smear asking what Murtha should do if he sincerely is against the war. Ingraham said that he should offer a good alternative adding that everyone is laughing at Murtha.

The last victim was Jimmy Carter who has come out against prisoner abuse. Of course they claimed his Nobel Prize was very useful to the enemy.They mentioned Carter's trip to Cuba as a sign that he is anti-American.

O'Reilly offered a warning that he would be monitoring the websites to see who mentioned the two soldiers. Ingraham made it clear that Dean should not have described them as "kidnapped" since "captured" was the preferred term.

comment: I wonder if they think Rumsfeld helped the enemy by sending our troops to war without the proper equipment like body armour or decent rifles ? I wonder if they think the people bragging " Mission Accomplished" were helpful to the enemy too? I'm sure they're not about to ponder those "fine lines".

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