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John Gibson Wants CaliforniansTo Show Some All American Fear

Reported by Deborah - June 19, 2006

John Gibson seemed pleased that the fueled North Korean missle could hit the coast of California. Gibson seems to think that the Californians who oppose the Iraq War will have a change of heart once they realize that a missle is targeting L.A. or Berkeley which seemed to please him even more. The huge FOX map he displayed showed the possible range of the North Korean missle showed Kansas City and Chicago as possible targets too because FOX believes everyone in the country should be afraid not just Californians. 6/19/06

First Lawrence Eagleburger appeared to stress the importance of actually dealing with the North Korean problem. He was very clear that the missle could possibly reach the west coast but that's it. Gibson wanted to know why we couldn't just blow it up since it was out in the open. Eagleburger sounding slightly annoyed said," We can but we won't" He explained that considering our problems with the rest of the world, it wouldn't be a good idea.

Gibson, as always, jumped on the mere mention of the West Coast and turned his My Word into an attack of the " anti war left" and of course managed to get Al Gore into the first paragraph.

"I know the liberals in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu and the Hollywood Hills hate any war talk unless it's a movie.They don't like Bush because he's worried about the Axis of Evil, and they do like Gore because he's not so worried about bad guys unless they're driving an SUV and melting the polar caps."

Gibson wanted to be sure the Bush haters in Berkeley felt some fear too.
"It should focus the attention of folks in Berkeley, too. They could get hit just as easily as Los Angeles evidently, but their hatred for Bush and his wars is even more intense so I wouldn't expect much from them."

No surprise that Gibson's commentary ended with a plug for the anti-ballistic missle system never mind that there's no evidence that it could work.
"Maybe that anti-ballistic missile system isn't such a bad idea. Maybe the hard left located on the far left coast will see that now. Being on a bull's-eye changes one's perspective dramatically."

comment: So how would Gibson like Californians to be transformed by the revelation of a missle in North Korea. Does he think the Californians who want an end to the War in Iraq will suddenly want it to continue? Does he think Californians should now support Bush because he included North Korea as part of his infamous "axis of evil"? Does he think that people are dumb enough to connect North Korea with Iraq and Iran and believe that it's all part of the same conflict? Maybe Gibson just wanted to divert attention from the ugly truth that this administration has put North Korea on the back burner way too long.

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