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Fox – the Official News Agency For the Duke Defense

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2006 -

Saturday evening’s Big Story (5/27/06) had Julie Banderas doing her usual mangling of the English language and cheerleading for Bush. Julie interviewed Martin Frost (D) and Bob Livingston (R) (who was briefly House speaker elect in 1998 but stepped down from that position after it was revealed that he had engaged in numerous marital infidelities) on a number of topics including Iraq.

Banderas made the statement, “let’s talk about what’s right in Iraq that we don’t hear about like we just talked about.” Then there was “there’s been a resolution of the Iraqi front by President Bush and Prime Minister (pause during which Livingston said “Blair”) When Livingston said that “we’ve got a government in Iraq,” Julie loudly proclaimed “exactly.” (Comment: government maybe but still total chaos.)

Another story that Julie covered was very noteworthy as it confirmed what we have suspected all along – that the Duke rape defense team loves Fox. Julie lead off the segment by reporting that a crime fighting group in Durham, NC, is putting up flyers with pictures of the entire Duke Lacrosse team, with a caption urging them to come forward with information about what happened at the party.

Julie stated, with some outrage in her voice, that this is ”kinda making them look guilty” which was followed by her saying that defense lawyers feel that this “makes the entire team look like rapists.” She then commented that a defense lawyer, Alex Charns, feels that the distribution of this poster is like Alice in Wonderland as it shows a “verdict coming before the trial.” (Comment: the verdict reached by Fox is that the alleged victim is lying and the Duke players are innocent).

Julie then went to Fox News commentator, Rudi Bhaktiar who revealed that this lawyer wants the Durham police to launch an investigation as the poster implies that the whole team is guilty. According to Ms. Bhaktiar, Mr. Charns, who represents a player who has not yet been charged, sent an e-mail to the police demanding an investigation, but the police responded that Crime Stoppers is a non profit organization over which they have no authority. Thus, no investigation will take place. Rudi then went to a full screen shot of a picture of Mr. Charns with his statement posted aside the photo:

“Get rid of the cloud. Clear these guys. Put it on Fox News in a banner as big as the initial allegation “DA clears 43 Duke Lacrosse players.” That’s what I would like to see.”


(Comment: no further comment needed)