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Why Global Warming Special now?

Reported by Chrish - May 23, 2006

Fox News aired a special Sunday night 5/21/06 entitled Global Warming: The Debate Continues. According to their website, FOX News has been in the lead on the subject:

"The story is certainly hot. Dire warnings about global warming scream out from the cover of Time Magazine, HBO features a special about it, and later this month, Al Gore's global warming film — perhaps tied to his political comeback — will open at your neighborhood theater.

But months before all this, FOX News was there first with a one-hour special on global warming, hosted by my good friend Rick Folbaum. Last November's documentary on global warming gave a platform to those who believe that the effects of global warming are catastrophic and the causes largely man-made."

It continues

Now, FOX is again ahead of the curve, presenting another side to the issue with "Global Warming: The Debate Continues." Our first special featured folks who fear the worst from global warming. But global warming is far too complex an issue to be viewed from just one side. This time, we speak with scientists who are skeptical of what they view as alarmist fears about climate change.

The FOX website claims that they are "attempting to rise above politics on the global warming debate", and furthermore, "FOX News will continue to report all sides of the global warming issue (and all issues, for that matter), and let you come to your own conclusions about it."

One has to question that sentiment, as they directly and immediately refer to the possibility of a Gore political comeback. Knowing that public sentiment is hugely on his side of the issue, and that he did win the popular vote in 2000, he could present a serious threat to Republicans. FOX and their party will pretend to come to the middle on this issue, playing a careful balancing act between corporate interests and viewers/voters but ultimately they are incompatible.

The special that Asman refers back to aired in November, after several months of denying any connection between global warming and Hurricane Katrina ( here, here, here, here, and here.) If you'll recall, it was a time of stunned realization that our safety was in the hands of incompetents whose very financial enablers were profiting enormously from the products that contribute most to our deteriorating environment.
To say that they are in front of the issue or fair and balanced on the issue because they aired one piece six months ago gives false comfort to their viewers.

Media Matters has a comprehensive analysis of the program and the guests. Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is opening all over the country in the coming weeks.

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