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FOX News Bashes Hispanic Illegals Even Though Pentagon Uses Special Ads to Recruit Them into the Armed Services!

Reported by Marie Therese - May 19, 2006

On Wednesday 5-16-06, the FOX & Friends pals discussed a little-known recruitment technique. If an illegal immigrant enlists in the military, takes an oath of loyalty to the United States, serves his/her tour of duty and achieves an honorable discharge, they go right to the head of the citizenship line. Additionally, such recruits may also be eligible to receive a sizable sign-on bonus.

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst: "... Believe it or not, a lot of fellows in our military - and women - are aliens and illegal aliens. When they get out of the military, they are fast-tracked to citizenship. It's not automatic, but they get a lot for credit for their military service and they can sort of jump to the head of the line."

STEVE DOOCY: "So when they sign up for military service - the volunteer army - do they present phony social security numbers?"

NAPOLITANO: "No. They acknowledge that they're not citizens and take an oath of loyalty to the United States ..."


DOOCY: "Gotcha."

NAPOLITANO: "... but it's not a citizenship oath and they're told 'When you get out, you'll be at the head of the line to become a citizen.'"

CHETRY: "It's just fascinating".

NAPOLITANO: "It's actually a very good deal!"

Steve Doocy shakes head in agreement.

CHETRY: "I - it is. It makes sense, common sense-wise, but if we really enforced every law, it seems like a lot of them overlap and contradict each other ..."

NAPOLITANO: "Absolutely."

CHETRY: "... 'cause technically you should be deported if you say that you are here illegally, correct?"

NAPOLITANO: "Correct."

DOOCY: "And in - if you extrapolate this, some who join the National Guard and are illegal aliens could actually be trying to keep their fellow countrymen out of this country if they're stationed down along the southern border."

NAPOLITANO: "You're right. So the laws sometimes do conflict ..."

CHETRY: "Right."

NAPOLITANO: "... and sort of pull and push on our individual loyalty."

CHETRY: "But, common sense-wise, you're right. It's a good solution to a couple of problems."

NAPOLITANO: "A lot of people do it. A lot of people do it and it - uh - great soldiers, too." (End transcript)

According to Linda Bilmes of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Hispanic media giants Telemundo and Univision as well as Spanish-language radio have been running military recruitment ads, bought and paid for by federal tax dollars.

"These shortfalls [in recruitment] come despite ever-higher enlistment and retention bonuses and reduced fitness and age standards.

"The Pentagon has decided that the solution to the problem lies in one statistic: Latinos make up less than 10% of the active-duty forces, but they comprise 16% of the 18- to 24-year-old U.S. population.

"This rapidly growing population is poorer and more likely to be underemployed than the average for the age group and has a lower rate of college attendance than whites or blacks, which ought to make it prime material for recruiters. Latinos already in the military are disproportionately in the low ranks of the Marines and the Army, serving as front-line troops.

"The Pentagon has publicly stated that it wants to double the number of Latinos enlisting, and it is focusing hardest on areas with a high Latino population but relatively low enlistment. Calculating what it calls a "production to population" ratio, the Pentagon's top four target markets are Los Angeles, the rest of Southern California, Phoenix and Sacramento.

"The military is arming itself to put the right messages in front of its targets. The Army has purchased the best market research, including the 'Yankelovich Hispanic Monitor,' which divides the Latino population into 12 distinct market segments based on level of "acculturation and life stage," and commissioned Rand Corp. to study barriers to enlistment.

"The Yankelovich research found some attitudes that present 'recruiting challenges.'

"For example, two-thirds of Latinos agree with the statement, 'People's main responsibility is to themselves and their families, not to making the world a better place,' compared with only half of whites. More than double the number of Latinos, compared with whites, felt the need to be 'hip and cool' and 'to keep up with the latest trends in movies, music and fashion.' And 71% were more inclined to purchase things advertised in Spanish — up from 55% 10 years ago.

"The military's communications plan is based on these findings.

"'We search for cultural insights and determine how to leverage Hispanic values and beliefs,' said a representative of Cartel Creativo, the San Antonio-based advertising company that has developed the Army's current 'Yo Soy el Army' ad campaign.

"A key finding was that young Latinos are motivated more by family approval than by money.

"Consequently, much of the advertising focuses on convincing mothers and fathers that they can be proud of a child's Army career. Univisin (sic), Telemundo and Spanish-language radio are saturated with advertisements for the Army. The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an increasingly common presence in high schools with large Latino populations, thanks in part to the No Child Left Behind Act, which requires schools to grant access and student information to military recruiters (unless parents refuse by notifying the school in writing).

"One of the Army's new recruitment programs is the 'Hispanic H2 Tour,' featuring a customized Hummer, produced by Latino Sports Marketing of San Diego, designed so teenagers can try out interactive video simulations on multiple screens. The H2 tour visits car shows, county fairs, baseball games and other events.

"Another tactic has been to dangle the prospect of citizenship. The JROTC produces a 'Recruiting Play Book,' which advises recruiters that one way to appeal to Latino prospects may be their desire 'to apply for citizenship immediately.' Shortly before the Iraq war began, President Bush signed an executive order allowing noncitizen permanent residents to serve in the military and to apply for citizenship on a fast-track basis. Since then, about 20,000 noncitizens (mostly Latino) have served in the military and become U.S. citizens. The order also allows noncitizen soldiers killed in combat to be granted posthumous citizenship. This also helps family members of the fallen soldier to obtain citizenship.(Source: Los Angeles Times Op-Ed, 8-21-05)


I guess in the schizoid mindset of the GOP they see no disconnect between mercilessly vilifying illegal immigrants while the Department of Defense lures them into military service with $40,000 sign-on bonuses!

I feel like I've landed in Wonderland at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

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