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Who Cares About The US Economy? Barbra Streisand Got Comped Into A Movie!

Reported by Ellen - May 18, 2006

FOX News' Hannity & Colmes – you know, that prime time show on the network that “likes America” – completely ignored the 214-point drop in the Dow yesterday (5/17/06) along with the Enron trial jury deliberations and the long-forgotten Jack Abramoff scandal and instead brought the viewers an expose into some free movie passes received by Barbra Streisand and her husband.

With obvious glee, Sean Hannity introduced the segment by saying “Barbra Streisand and her husband, James Brolin – well, they may donate thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates but apparently they will not splurge $20 on movie tickets.” Hannity continued with the vital details. “Now, last Friday night, the pair arrived at a local Malibu movie theater and they cut the line of paying customers, and then they scored free seats by sweet-talking the teenager at the ticket booth.”

In what was surely an H&C exclusive, there was even a guest with first-hand knowledge of the event. Jennifer Grossman, a former speechwriter for Bush 41 just happened to be there. “Tell us what happened!” Hannity said.

As “FREEBIES FOR BABS” appeared on the screen, Grossman explained that the incident didn’t really happen in Malibu after all because that theater had burned down but that she had gone to meet a friend who, it turned out, had gone to another theater. As Grossman waited for her friend, she was an eyewitness to history. “I hear this couple talking next to me saying, (Grossman’s voice turned sarcastically sugary) ‘Oh, we asked for you. It’s been so long since we’ve seen you.’ And this flustered young man says, ‘Oh, well, I got transferred but of course, you’re welcome here. You’re always welcome here. We’ll take care of you.’ And I looked to my side and it’s Barbra Streisand and her husband and I see them waltz right through.”

Our intrepid reporter investigated further. She asked the ticket-taker, “Dude, did you just see that couple that just waltzed in? Did you rip their tickets? No. Did they pay for tickets? No, they asked to see the customer service manager.” Grossman waved her arms as she relayed this exciting news. She added that the story also “touched a nerve” with the make-up artist just before coming on the air.

Alan Colmes, seemed to recognize the absurdity. “This is the worst thing to happen to our republic in decades,” he said jokingly. “By the way,” he added, “when you were on that telephone call (to her missing friend), did you happen to hear anybody named Negroponte or Cheney?”

And that’s another story being ignored by H&C.

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