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Protesting too much Take II

Reported by Chrish - May 16, 2006

John Gibson used his "My Word" segment today 5/16/06 to defend his "My Word" segment of May 11th (below). Apparently "some" took his exhorting of non-Hispanics to get busy making babies to mean that he did not want America to become majority Hispanic and deemed that a racist sentiment. In his words, "you would have thought I put on a sheet and a pointy cap and started riding around at night carrying torches."

His concern, he says, is that he "(doesn't) want America to become Europe, where the birth rate is so low that the continent is fast being populated by immigrants, mainly from Muslim countries, whose birth rate is very high. ...coupled with a news item that says half of all babies in America under five are minorities, and the majority of those are Hispanic. I said, 'Fine', but it was also a good idea if people other than Hispanics also got busy and had more babies. Those people would include both blacks and whites; I suppose Asians too. I said you can't expect Hispanics to do all the work when it comes to supplying our country with babies. "

Yet in the original (below) he pointedly said that whites/Europeans were procreating at a rate that slowly increases the population. He says people have called him racist, and for what? "For simply saying that we ought to be having more babies in this country and that while Hispanics are doing their part, others should be doing more.

He coninues and says that, having looked at demographic trends, he's concluded that in 50 years Europe will be brown and Muslim and America will be brown and Christian. He is fine with that America and has said so many times. He'd rather be in Christian America than under Sharia law in Europe. Of course, he won't be alive anyway but he hopes we get his point.

The overall point of today's My Word is to say people are wrong if they say he is urging more white babies because he is afraid of more brown people, and he's a racist. Couldn't be farther from the truth. Not that the truth matters when people want to lie about you for their own personal and vicious motives, which seems to happen a lot lately. That's his Word.

Now, the May 11th piece said this, from FOXNews.com to your eyes:

Make more babies. That's the lesson drawn out of two interesting stories over the last couple days.
First, a story Wednesday that half the kids under 5 years old in this country are minorities. By far, the greatest number are Hispanic.
Know what that means? Twenty-five years and the majority population is Hispanic.
Why is that? Hispanics are having more kids and others, notably the ones Hispanics call gabachos — white people — are having fewer.
Now in this country, European ancestry people — white people — are having kids at a rate that sustains the population, even grows it a bit.
That compares to Europe where the birthrate is in the negative zone. They're not having enough babies to sustain the population.
Consequently, they are inviting in more and more immigrants every year to take care of things, and those immigrants are having way more babies that the native population. Hence Eurabia.
Why aren't they having babies? Because babies get in the way of a prosperous and comfortable modern life. Peanut butter fingerprints on the leather seats in the BMW. The Euros in particular can't be bothered with kids.
To underscore that point, a second story Thursday reports that Vladimir Putin is so concerned about the declining, no imploding population of Russia he is paying couples to have babies.
Imagine: Procreating for cash in Mother Russia.
Putin has to take this step because at the rate things are going, Russia will lose 45 million people in the next 45 years. Russia will be at two-thirds of today's population.
This is not a good trend for Russia, and it won't be here either if it should happen.
To put it bluntly: We need more babies. Forget that zero population growth stuff of my poor, misled generation.
Why is this important? Because civilizations need populations to survive.
So far we're doing our part here in America, but Hispanics can't carry the whole load.
The rest of you: Get busy. Make babies.
Or put another way, a slogan for our times: Procreation not recreation.
That's My Word.

There are plenty of racists who don't wear white sheets and pointy hats. Some of them don't even know they're racists. They just want to keep the status quo because it worked for their parents, it works for them, and they want it to work for their kids.

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