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Megyn Kendall Still Stumping For Duke Lacrosse Players' Defense

Reported by Ellen - May 16, 2006

Maybe FOX News reporter Megyn Kendall was telling the truth when she said, “I, for one, am glad that I’m not going to be sitting in the jury box having to decide” the Duke lacrosse case. But she didn’t let that stop her from trying to convince everyone else to acquit the Duke defendants before trial by emphasizing every defense talking point she could throw into her comments last night (5/15/06) on Hannity & Colmes.

For example, Sean Hannity questioned the accuser’s identification of the third defendant, David Evans, and asked if THIS indictment was in doubt. Kendall agreed that it was, without qualification. “The identification (of the just-indicted third defendant) wasn’t perfect to begin with because this is the guy who she identified with only 90% certainty… She says and I quote, it looks just like him… except he had a mustache… (Defense lawyers) say they have got these photographs that are gonna leave ZERO DOUBT (her emphasis) that this guy doesn’t have a mustache, and NEVER had a mustache and, of course, they’ve already submitted an affidavit in this saying lacrosse players aren’t allowed to have mustaches down here in Duke.” Was it possible a traumatized victim could have mistakenly thought an attacker had a mustache? Kendall didn’t seem to think it worth considering.

Alan Colmes brought up the medical report saying the accuser’s injuries were consistent with sexual abuse and that Kendall reported Friday night (5/12/06) that the accuser had a very emotional reaction when she identified a prior defendant (Finnerty) with 100% certainty. “So there’s a lot more to this than just a timeline and whether somebody had a beard, correct?”

Kendall agreed that the identification of Finnerty was “pretty powerful.” But NOW Kendall felt the need for “balance.” She quickly added – apropos of nothing Colmes had asked – that David Evans’ proclamation of innocence was also powerful. “The ID of Finnerty was pretty powerful, if you read it. She didn’t hesitate and she teared up. And I will tell you – you know, it’s interesting. Standing at that press conference today with David Evans – it was powerful. I mean, he was compelling. Obviously, he’s a good-looking guy. He spoke extemporaneously and there’s something moving about watching him with his parents.”

Later, Colmes asked if the mustache was important. Kendall, of course, said it was, then stuck in another defense talking point – again, unrelated to amything Colmes asked – that “the defense lawyers were clear today to point out – that (Evans’ DNA) was not found underneath the nail, according to them. They say it was found ON the nail. The nail found in the trash can, in the bathroom. They say look, "It was this guy’s bathroom. What do you expect to find in his garbage can?’”

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