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O'Reilly: "Blah, blah, blah"

Reported by Chrish - May 6, 2006

Last night 5/4/06 on the O'Reilly Factor was much like any other night on the Factor - ideologically opposed people shouting at each other, an indignant rant against sexual misconduct, blame the media, blah blah blah. No wonder his ratings are falling - it's a big BORe. But he's a man with a mission - keep demonizing journalism and Democrats and progressives and keep propping up Bush, Republicans, and the White House talking points.

As usual, his "Talking Point Memo" hit on a few of the bogus issues of the day.

After the prerequisite video of shouters (reminding viewers how divided we are) he singled out columnist Andres Oppenheimer from the Miami Herald who Bill says wrote that people opposed to blanket amnesty are anti-Hispanic. Bill called this very dishonest, very telling. Oppenheimers own words bely what O'Reilly attributed to him but I think you'll see what has O'Reilly's hackles up:

"In fact, advocates of draconian anti-immigration measures, such as declaring all undocumented workers criminals, don't represent a majority view in America. A new AP-Ipsos poll shows that 56 percent of Americans favor allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for legal, temporary worker status. In addition, nearly 50 percent say undocumented workers ''mostly make a contribution'' to American society, while 42 percent say they are ``mostly a drain.''

Granted, if you watch most cable television and listen to talk radio, you may get the opposite idea (never mind the hypocrisy that many of the anti-immigration guests and callers on radio programs love the fact that they are paying less for their undocumented gardeners, nannies and personal trainers).

Xenophobic populists such as CNN's Lou Dobbs and Fox News' Bill O'Reilly milked the boycott to the hilt, and their followers loved it."

Yes, Bill - very dishonest, very telling.

O'Reilly says that the folks have to let Washington know what they want on immigration policy (I tried to vote but the machine wouldn't work!). He says Bush is the one who has to step up - he IS the decider, after all - as Congress is either hiding or demagoguing. Sounds like a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, doesn't it? Get in front of a camera and voice your position and you're a demagogue, stay behind the scenes and try to figure things out and you're hiding. Now that the Judicial branch has become politicized, it's time to laser in on dismantling what's left of Congress leaving us with the unitary executive.

O'Reilly says that politicians need to listen to the folks, not the media, because the American press is out of touch on the immigration issue, having moved "sharply to the left".

WHAT??? Listen, if the press was liberal we wouldn't be in Iraq today. They rolled over and played dead and pretty much continue to do so. They sit on critical (in both senses of the word) stories for fear of pissing off the White House - "national security" - and totally ignore the election scandals. We are heading into an election in 6 months and the folks - the dumb complacent folks - are unaware that the electoral process and machinery are in utter shambles.

Jabbing his finger he sternly tells viewers that securing the borders is a must and then we can talk (about immigrants' status and procedures). "Inserting" race into the discussion of Mexican immigration "is unnacceptable, and those who continue to do that will be exposed on this broadcast. Debate is fine; smears are not."

Comment: This "bomb-throwing" "sssecular progressssive" "far-left" "smear-site" operator is reduced to a heap of giggles every time he says that.

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