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Terrorist Bloopers

Reported by Chrish - May 4, 2006

Today's "Big Story" 5/4/05, top of the hour, was about newly released footage of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi fidlling with an American weapon and mishandling it. I happened to notice that it was also featured on Special Report and Hannity and Colmes. Why the sudden change, making him appear foolish and harmless, rather than the bogey-man he's been portrayed as all these years?

According to John Gibson, the US military today released previously unseen portions of a video posted on the Internet. From it we learned, says Gibby, that Zarqawi has trouble using a machine gun and he wears American sneakers.

Greg Kelly reported from the Pentagon that this is an effort to "burst the mystique of Zarqawi. Zarqawi reportedly releases videotapes of himself issuing threats to the US and US troops, like the one we saw about ten days ago. The latest was unusual because we saw his face and saw him shooting an American assault weapon. Kelly said that during a raid in early April US forces found "outtakes" of that video, which US military really enjoyed showing to reporters today.

The allegedly unedited video showed him with a "SAW". a squat automatic weapon. He shoots some, and another man comes into camera range to pull back a slide - is something jammed, or make sure another round is in the chamber? I haven't a clue, this is what Kelly said - which really amused US officials. More shooting, amd then Kelly says he walks off, a not terribly intimidating Zarqawi, but what they would say is a rather pathetic and human Zarqawi, in his New Balance tennis shoes. (I'm sure they love that publicity - not!) Kelly also notes that as Zarqawi hands the weapon off , ithe hot barrel burns hiis assistant's hands.

Comment: So, he's human and they feel pain too. Who knew?

FOX shows a video of an officer, Major Rick Lynch, narrating the brief footage, making sure to note that Zarqawi, "the ultimate warrior", is firing it incorrectly. The major says Zarqawi looks down and can't figure it out and calls someone over to unblock a stoppage, inferring Zarqawi is too dumb. The whole clip lasted seconds - I'm willing to bet Zarqawi has mastered the weapon by now.

From the video the US thinks they are "zooming in on him" and that he is in and around Baghdad. Did FOX just leak military intelligence to make their viewers feel that the military is close to catching the "bad guy"?

The tape was found by US forces in a raid in early April - it was not lifted off the Internets - which indicates to some that they are getting closer.

Jessica Stern of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government is impressed with the tape, postulating that even if it is disinformation she applauds it - it is effective. It shows terrorist sympathizers that their leaders are only human, and she likes the fact that he is wearing American shoes which she says shows up his hypocrisy. She and Gibson speculate that bin Laden and Zarqawi are competitors, for funding, for recruits, and this video was made to inflate Zarqawi's importance. This bloopers tape (my word) may have been released by the US to make a mockery of him.

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