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Special Report Xenophobes Encouraging Anger Towards Immigration Rallies

Reported by Janie - May 3, 2006

Yesterday (5/2) on "Special Report with Brit Hume" two segments, including Hume's "Two Minutes of Hate", addressed the immigration rallies that took place on Monday across the nation. Both segments painted a picture of the rallies for Fox viewers intended to both frighten and instill anger, while perpetuating xenophobia of "brown people" (ref. Colbert).

At the beginning of the show, Fox "News" Correspondent William LaJeunesse filed a report on the rallies which did not paint an overall accurate picture of what occurred on Monday. The report detailed the economic impact of the protest and how some states were actually effected by the protest and boycott.

During this, pictures of the protests were seen including shots of Hispanics yelling "Si se puede", but not one image of them chanting loudly "USA! USA!", which took place in most of the cities.

LaJeunesse showed signs screaming "Amnestia", but not a single sign that merely attacked H.R. 4437 for wanting to make them felons.

And of course, Fox had to show the one rally in Los Angeles that got a little out of control, to make sure that the viewers were reminded that these are vicious, violent people which was followed immediately by the opinion of an elderly white woman, "They come here and they slump our social services, our country will be a third world country if people don't stand up and say that's enough – we've had it."

The overall portrait painted by this segment was that the protesters want amnesty, refuse to speak our language and are violent - which is the furtherest possible image from the truth. Not one single mention that much of the reason for the rallies was to protest HR 4437, and during which the protesters chanted loudly "USA, USA!" and sang the U.S. National anthem (in both English and Spanish). Wouldn't want the viewers to feel compassion, now would we?

This preposterous segment was coupled with Hume's infamous "Two Minutes of Hate" near the end of the show, where one of yesterday's topics was also the immigration rallies. Hume had this to say:

"The protesters who swelled yesterday's immigration rallies across the country, weren't there to only support illegal immigrants, one protester had a sign that read 'impeach and decapitate this anti-democratic, lying, lawless, fascist Bush.

Another said quote 'deport 12 million Republicans'. In Seattle, one sign read quote 'Dump the U.S. flag. The U.S. flag is nothing more than notches on a bedpost honoring land acquisition through genocide, aggressive war and broken contracts.' (Source www.michellemalkin.com)

Another said quote 'Stop the war, open the borders'. And in Albuquerque one protester's sign called President Bush a racist, and a terrorist."

Hume had to, just like the administration, cherry-pick his information to present a view of the rallies that Fox and the Republican machine would approve of. Not one single positive was mentioned regarding the rallies, therefore completely ignoring the "fair and balanced" moniker Fox so desperately tries to defend.

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