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Kilmeade, Huddy Lie About Newspapers' Immigration Coverage

Reported by Judy - May 2, 2006

Fox News Channel's "Dayside" co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Juliet Huddy flat out lied Tuesday (May 2, 2006) in discussing how major newspapers covered the massive immigration rallies across the U.S. on Monday. The two claimed that newspapers such as The New York Times concealed the information that many who participated in the marches were in the U.S. illegally.

Kilmeade opened the show by holding up a copy of The New York Times and claimed there was "not a word about who was taking part in the boycott." Huddy insisted that the Washington Post "is the only newspaper ... that actually mentions many of these people were illegal" and then went on to make an incoherent point about "Dayside" receiving hundreds of emails, which apparently dealt with viewers complaining that people in the streets should have been arrested.

"I just feel like they're kind of shoving it in the face of America," Huddy said of the fact that people in the country illegally were willing to demonstrate in public.

The only problem with the Kilmeade-Huddy tirade is that it is a flat-out lie. The New York Times did in fact say plainly that many of those participating in the rallies were in the country illegally.

The New York Times: "The protesters, a mix of illegal immigrants and legal residents and citizens, were mostly Latino, but in contrast to similar demonstrations in the past two months, large numbers of people of other ethnicities joined or endorsed many of the events. "

That alone would make Kilmeade eligible for Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" list for today's "Countdown" show on MSNBC, but later in the show Kilmeade struck again. This time, he misrepresented the point that a member of the studio audience made in her question.

A woman in the audience asked if the status of illegal immigrants were changed so that they were here legally, wouldn't that mean that they would have to pay taxes to defray some of their cost to society?

"No," said Kilmeade. "They'd have to pay minimum wage, they'd have to pay taxes, and they'd have to get benefits, and they'd have to pay into a medical plan rather than go into an emergency room. Everytime they turn an ankle, we pay for that."

Huh? Seems to me, the correct answer, if Kilmeade thought he was the one who should answer it, should have been "Yes." Fox News lackeys like Kilmeade apparently have strict orders to smack down as many positive comments on the immigration rallies as possible and to stress negative perceptions of it. Boy, would I love to see the John Moody memo on immigration rally coverage.

William LaJeunesse demonstrated the tendency to stress the negative during the same segment when he reported on the aftermath of the rallies from Los Angeles, saying, "A lot of people really object to having that economic gun put to their head.”

Fox News wants to believe that the peaceful demonstrations were some sort of veiled threat of violence. In effect, LaJeunesse was saying, by his choice of metaphors, that Americans should disregard what they saw -- peaceful, wholesome people who look like a lot of the people we see everyday in stores, restaurants, schools, and churches -- and instead believe that they are really a violent mob waiting to explode. Despicable journalism.

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