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FOX & Friends Trio Gleefully Reports that "Sylvia Garcia" Doesn't Have a Job Anymore

Reported by Marie Therese - May 2, 2006

Coverage of the immigration marches on FOX & Friends has been truly ghastly, peppered, as it is, with invective, snarky commentary and outright disdain for those people in the streets. The mix-and-match hosts believe that the marching immigrants represent the "low end of the food chain" - a sentiment also expressed by Republican Senator Jim Talent of Missouri during an interview segment yesterday (5-1-06). Using words that conjure up fear, using sarcastic intonations of voice and conspiratorial "wink-wink" facial expressions, the interchangeable hosts at FOX & Friends represent the worst kind of prejudice. It boggles the mind that people like this area actually on a news channel.

I'm writing a much longer piece on F&F's treatment of the whole immigration issue (to be posted next week). So, I thought I'd give you a little taste of the tripe that's been issuing forth from FOX News Central these days. Sadly, football great Tiki Barber has allied himself with this drivel.

Yesterday F&F asked its viewers to e-mail them with stories about the effects of the marches on the cities and towns of America. Perhaps the story recounted below is the result of one of those e-mails, sent by one of FOX's very own fans, whom, now, it seems, have been recruited to "snitch" on their neighbors. Rather reminds one of the young accusers in Salem or the Hitler Youth turning in family and friends "for the good of the homeland." **

KIRAN CHETRY: It didn't work out for everybody including one woman named - by the name of Sylvia Garcia. She got fired. She's one of many people whose bosses said "Look. I'm not gonna let you leave. We're a small business. I can't afford to lose my staffers for the day so if you decide to go to this thing, you're not gonna have a job anymore." This was at a deli here in New York City.

TIKI BARBER: Well, you know what the thing about this is - it's presented as if she was fired for rallying for a cause that she thinks great and near and dear and important to a lot of people, at least a million across the country. But what she was really fired for is she didn't go to work. I mean, this is her boss. His name was Patrick Lee - he - they were told on Frid - she told him on Friday that she wasn't gonna come to work and so he was understaffed.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Yeah. He said that out of the - ten people told me they couldn't go to work and he said "Listen, I can't replace all of ya' He convinced four to come to work. They kept their jobs, Six, including Sylvia, lose their jobs. They - Sylvia is illegal. She gets paid $9.00 an hour and now she's got to go to some other deli. I hope it was worth it.


40 hours a week x $9.00 an hour is a gross pay of $360.00 a week. That's approximately $1560.00 a month or $18,720.00 a year.

This woman lives in NEW YORK CITY, for god's sake!!! She's probably crammed into some tenement four to a bedroom for which a landlord is charging astronomical rent.

Haven't these FOX News sleazeballs got anything better to do than make pious pronouncements about POOR PEOPLE?

Why the hell didn't they lash out at Patrick Lee, a man who, apparently, knowingly hires illegal immigrants?

Talk about hypocrisy!

** Special Note

One of our readers - the ever snippy "truthteller" - pointed out that FOX & Friends got their information about Sylvia Garcia from a report this morning done by the New York Times and not from one of their viewers.

I want everyone to know that, before posting this article, I ran three Google searches using three different search parameters. NONE of those searches brought up the New York Times article.

A few minutes ago I ran the identical searches I ran this morning and got the exact same results. No mention of the New York Times article.

However, when I added the search term "New York Times" combined with "Sylvia Garcia" (which I just did) - lo and behold! - there is one reference to this morning's article aboud "Sylvia Garcia".

As anyone who has read my posts knows, I ALWAYS run searches on FOX News shows because so frequently they leave out pertinent and important facts. Most of the time the story pops right up. This morning it did not.

However, I am standing by my opinion that FOX & Friends was encouraging their viewers to be "snitches". That is precisely what they have been asking their viewers to do - report "unusual" immigrant activity or businesses that were "suspicious" because they closed their doors yesterday or were understaffed.

The fact that I was in error about the source of their story in no way changes my opinion about the fact that they were encouraging their viewers to tattle on their friendly neighborhood businesses.

Marie Therese

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