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Fox Guest Tells It Like It Is

Reported by Chrish - May 1, 2006

I usually find myself screaming at the television when I watch Fox; but today, while watching the John Scott morning news, I was cheering. Scott interviewed Javier Rodriquez, and Hispanic advocate and rally organizer. The Chyron read, “Will rallies end up hurting illegals.” (Comment: When FOX asks a question in a chyron ignore the ? - they are actually making a statement.)

John’s first question was the typical Fox assertion based on dubious statistics – “a lot of people looked at demonstrators carrying Mexican flags and didn’t like what they saw.” Rodriquez got right back at Scott by stating that this was because of what Fox’s cameras chose to focus on and that 98% of the flags were American. He then said that if “you want these people to be Americans, then stop excluding them.”

Scott then tried the Fox canard about how liberalizing immigration will lead to just more illegals. Rodriquez replied that if America “reigned in its corporations and stopped exploiting the resources and people of Latin America, then the flood of immigrants would stop." He then added that the US consumes over half of the resources on this planet. To Scott’s question of “why, then do you want to come here if we are so bad,” Rodriquez responded, “we are here and we want to be a legal part of this country.”

The smug Scott seemed at a loss for words and said that he employed a Brazilian woman who is very upset because she followed the legal path. Rodriquez said that the people who harvest the crops, bus tables, mow the lawn, and care for America’s sick and elderly want the same opportunity. Scott said that he provided his woman with a decent wage and pays employer taxes. Rodriquez said that all employees should do the same.

Comment: In baseball terms, this gentleman hit one out of the park. He was passionate and didn’t back down. I only wish that other Fox guests could be as effective. Viva Javier Rodriquez!


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