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Join Project MAD-MAN silent protest

Reported by Chrish - April 27, 2006 -

Mission Accomplished Day? - Mission Accomplished - Nothing.

May 1 marks three years since George W. Bush held his staged "Mission Accomplished" aircraft landing off the coast of San Diego and

"delivered good news to the men and women who fought in the cause of freedom: their mission is complete and major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

Since that day 2,252* US soldiers have been killed in Iraq according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. US wounded is 7 times that number, and Iraqi civilian deaths and dislocations are incalculable.

*As of April 27, 2006.

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Please join News Hounds and other websites and blogs in a symbolic protest of the incompetent conduct of this unnecessary war.

This weekend we will all exhibit that which the Bush administration wants to keep hidden - the thousands of flag-draped coffins coming home to heartbroken and betrayed families.
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or visit this page to download an image to display at the top of your blog or website. Let your visitors know you support the troops and want them home, alive.

Please help us spread the word of this effort by emailing this page to friends and colleagues who will join us this weekend marking the third anniversary of

Mission Accomplished Day? - Mission Accomplished - Nothing.