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Sean Hannity and Michael Reagan Try To Blame Liberals For High Gas Prices

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2006

Once again Sean Hannity and FOX News are doing their best to divide America during a time of war. Ignoring the news that President Bush has asked the Departments of Energy and Justice to look into possible cheating or manipulation of gasoline markets, and that Congressional Republicans are asking for more probes into the soaring cost of gasoline, Sean Hannity and FOX News contributor Michael Reagan flatly declared last night (4/24/06) that liberal Democrats are to blame.

Hannity opened the discussion by reading the pre-written intro absolving President Bush of any responsibility. “Rising prices at the pump and the reality that there is little the White House can do about it is quickly turning gas prices into the next big political issue.”

Hannity's face was in the bullyboy squint and he jabbed his finger as he spoke to “Democratic strategist” Bob Beckel. “I want YOU to know, Bob Beckel, I give blame for high gas prices. 30 years of the Democrats beholden to the extreme environmental movement, we haven’t built a refinery. We’re not allowed to drill in the 48 states or off the coast of Florida or California. We can’t drill in ANWR. We can’t do anything… Government taxes are 62 cents a gallon in New York for gasoline. The gas companies only get 9 cents a gallon. I blame you liberals for this.”

Bob Beckel was quick to say that he didn’t think George Bush was responsible for $3/gallon gasoline (Hannity interrupted to say, “I think you liberals are"). “But the Republicans passed an energy bill that gave $15 billion in tax breaks to the energy companies and took out money for alternative fuels.”

“That’s silly,” Hannity rudely interrupted. Chopping his hand in the air, he said, “I blame liberal Democrats beholden to environmental extremism for this high price in gasoline.”

Michael Reagan (whose name was mis-spelled as “Regan” on the screen) wholeheartedly agreed with Hannity. He also added a lot of sympathy for the poor, over-taxed oil companies. "Over the last 25 years, the oil companies have paid $2.2. trillion in taxes to the federal, state and local governments while making $630 billion. In fact, their taxes are three times more than their profits.” While he spoke, the “FOX Facts” on the screen said, “GAS PRICES ARE RISING BECAUSE INCREASING USE OF ETHANOL.”“

But then Hannity revealed he has a few quibbles with the current administration after all. Either that, or he forgot who controls the White House and Congress. “Here’s what drives me nuts. The oil companies are making about 9 cents a gallon. The federal government – the taxes average nationwide – about 20% goes in taxes. If we’re going to get lectured about the high price of gasoline, why doesn’t Washington give back their share first? If they really care about the people that they say they care about… can’t they lead the way?”

Reagan chimed in and proved that whatever the subject, he’ll find a way to insult Democrats. “They’d rather have the issue and use it like Bob does and others to try and hit somebody over the head with it.”

Colmes called the attack on liberals “only laughable... They’re the ones in power. The Republicans are the ones setting the policy. They’re the legislators. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” He added that the president gave a $15 billion tax break to the energy industries while they have earned record profits. “Why should the American taxpayer subsidize the energy industry while they’re getting – you know – messed up at the gas pumps trying to meet their bills every month?”

Now Reagan was willing to show his soft, sensitive side – by sticking up for the poor, vulnerable energy industry. “There seems to be a little too much taxes and not enough profit here. The fact is they need a tax break.”

“Not enough profit? You’ve got to be kidding me! What planet is this?” Colmes asked.

“So they can explore for more oil,” Reagan answered. Comment: But I thought Hannity just said they couldn’t explore for more oil.

Beckel, always ready to show the areas in which he agrees with Bush, put in a plug for nuclear power. Reagan was all for that but he blamed the environmentalists for holding back the nuclear option.

Colmes repeated his question about the tax cut. “I’m still trying to find out why there’s a tax cut for an industry that’s making record profits… while these executive get millions and millions in bonuses.”

Reagan gave a non-answer. “When everybody’s buying fuel, you make record profits.”

Colmes said, “The consumers are getting screwed and that’s why Bush has a 33% approval rating now, Michael, because of what’s going on at the pumps, among other things."

Comment: I'm surprised nobody blamed Clinton.

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