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Massachusetts Judge O'Reilly's Third Victim

Reported by Deborah - April 18, 2006

Bill O'Reilly wants every state to adopt Jessica's Law and he doesn't care who gets smeared in the process. He has a map with the non compliant states colored gray and once he finds a Judge in a gray state that he percieves as "soft" on sex offenders he launches a campaign attacking not only the Judge but the Governor and any media outlets that might object to the tar and feather approach. Tonight Judge John McCann in gray colored Massachusetts became O'Reilly's third Judicial victim but the initial attack plan did not go smoothly for Bill. 4/18/06

O'Reilly opened the segment congratulating the two most recent states to adopt Jessica's Law, Arkansas and Nebraska. He followed with the claim that Judge McCann let a convicted child sex offender off with probation and a ankle bracelet after breaking probation and fleeing to Florida. Wendy Murphy, Fox's favorite child advocate, came on with a mother of a child molested by the offender. The woman was kept in shadow and was called simply Jane.

Jane told the story of how two of her children had been molested when they went over to play with the man's children. Jane took her time telling the story and O'Reilly seemed annoyed and hurried her off to allow Murphy a chance to go after McCann asking her, " Does he sympathize with the rapists?"

Murphy acted as if there was no doubt that the Judge was despicable going after him because he wouldn't allow cameras or reporters to question him because Massachusetts allows " judicial independence". Murphy concluded, " If this is a guy who thinks rape of a child shouldn't be a crime we won't know because Mass. has no accountability."
O'Reilly added, " And no Jessica's Law."

After the break Ed Ryan, Chair of the Massachusetts Bar Association, came on for the opposing viewpoint and he was armed with facts that O'Reilly couldn't refute. At this point, the well planned smear hit some bumps. Ryan immediately noted that Murphy got her facts twisted explaining that McCann had nothing to do with the original sentencing. This case was a probation case after time had been served adding that the defendant was not involved in child porn as Murphy had claimed and the DA was not asking for more time. McCann had a choice of ten more years or probation with a tracking device that would tell the courts his exact location.

O'Reilly was mad telling Ryan, " Stop this legal mumbo jumbo!!" At one point he was yelling at Ryan, "The judge should have given him 10 years!" He offered Ryan the last word but wouldn't let him finish. Ryan objected and it happened again. Then O'Reilly did his usual quick thank you dismissal and ended the segment.

comment: After watching two previous attack campaigns, Cashman in Vermont and Connor in Ohio, the targets are not going to let O'Reilly have a free hand. Ed Ryan is a prominant legal representative for Massachusetts and he was quick to accept O'Reilly's invitation so he could set the record straight from the beginning. O'Reilly and Murphy came out looking very sleazy and dishonest tonight which is certainly not the right image for a good 'culture warrior'

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