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Vicious Neocon Billionaire Heiress Offers a Chilling Solution to Illegal Immigration

Reported by Melanie - April 11, 2006

Helen Krieble, who Fox identified as being from the "Vernon K. Krieble Foundation," was a guest today (April 11, 2006) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Krieble put forth the most chilling idea I've heard yet about how to "solve the problem" of illegal immigration.

In a segment Fox captioned, "A Plan to 'Privatize' Illegal Workers in America," Krieble explained her proposal as being a "conservative" but "common sense" program. She said our guest worker program "should be administered by private companies, agencies, employment agencies that are great at what they do, outside of our borders, licensed by the government, so that they can run applicants through security, can issue a smart card at their own expense, and get jobs and workers matched."

She said, "If you're an employer and you can get either your illegal, legal, for a small fee and a fast turnaround because it's done in the private sector, or there's a whole pool of people waiting outside the country who would like your job, who can go through the processing in a day," and being "caught with an illegal" would bring a fine of $50,000, "the illegal market would dry up" without any government intervention.

She said if you "haven't been matched with a job, which is easy and efficient and employers can get hold of these workers without any trouble," it's a "quick and efficient market sector approach."

Comment: My God! This sounds like a 21st Century slave pipeline from south of the border directly into the hands of corporations who want laborers who they practically own. Forget out-sourcing. This would be "in-sourcing." This is the most pro-business, anti-worker, anti-human being segment I've seen on Fox in the 2-1/2 years I've monitored it. And by the way, Helen Krieble is far from being just a sweet-looking, gray haired older lady from some benign foundation, which is how Fox presented her. She is a long time, down-in-the-trenches, this-is-war neocon. According to the Center for Public Integrity (scroll down to the "Coalition to Protect Americans Now"), Krieble is a "billionaire heiress" who "founded and bankrolls most of" the Coalition to Protect Americans Now's operations. She,

[F]inanced the first $100,000 ad buy criticizing the Clinton administrations defense policy. The Krieble family sponsored [not contributed to] other conservative movements, including Newt Gingrich's leadership PAC, GOPAC, the Club for Growth and other conservative efforts.

In June, 2000, Mike Isikoff wrote this in Newsweek:

Using deliberately bland names like Shape the Debate or the Coalition to Protect Americans Now, these groups take advantage of loopholes in the campaign and tax laws that allow them to legally raise millions from individuals and corporations for openly partisan purposes-without revealing where the money comes from. About two dozen are active around the country; more pop up almost every week.

And Krieble has been a panelist at events hosted by another group with a deliberately bland name, The Heritage Foundation.

All Fox's audience knew was that a little old lady with a plan, from a foundation they'd never heard of, was Neil Cavuto's guest. They had no idea they were being fed a plan hatched by someone who has bankrolled the crowd now sucking the life out of this country and this planet; a group of people who couldn't care less, or be able to relate to, immigrants, obviously, or the "little people" who comprise Fox's audience. They have made billions of dollars off the backs of hard working Americans and "illegals". According to Public Integrity (see above), Krieble's father was a "sugar king," so think for a minute about who was working in his fields and who made him rich.

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