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FOX News’ Sean Hannity Tries To Stifle Free Speech And Dishonor Our Troops Again

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2006

Sean Hannity started up his un-American attempts to stifle free speech again last night. Like a broken record, the non-serving Hannity once again ignored the several military officers who have told him otherwise in order to accuse those who speak out against Bush that they are harming the war effort.

“You gotta think – a former vice president screaming at the top of his lungs to Moveon.org that George Bush betrayed his country while he’s leading troops in harm’s way - You’ve got to admit, Richard, that saying that our country is indiscriminately rounding up Arabs and putting them in horrible conditions – Our enemies hear what a former vice president says. Is there any level of recklessness that you’ll acknowledge here?”

Hannity asked that question of Richard Aborn, another clueless Democratic strategist on FOX News. Aborn has been on the show before so there is really no excuse for him to have been hoodwinked by Hannity’s transparent and predictable tactics.

Aborn seemed to be under the misapprehension that Hannity wanted a real discussion and foolishly tried to agree with him. Aborn concurred that if Hannity quoted Gore correctly (Hannity insisted he had. I’m not bothering to check because it’s beside the point), then what Gore said was “unbalanced” and “unhelpful.” Then Aborn mistakenly thought he’d be able to get on to the substance of Gore’s remarks.

“Isn’t that embarrassing?” Hannity asked, in a blatant attempt to stretch out his demonization of Gore. “What does the Arab world think when he says we’re indiscriminately rounding up Arabs?”

Aborn naively tried again to return to the topic of global warming. Hannity said, “You want to talk about global warming? I could care less what (Gore's) views are. I’m wondering what’s happened to a former vice president and why he’s so reckless while we’re at war.”

When Aborn finally had the opportunity to talk about the importance of addressing the issue of global warming, the music started and the segment was over. What a surprise.

So let’s get this straight. Hannity wants to limit Americans’ rights of free speech while our troops are risking their lives to uphold that very right?

Let Hannity and FOX News know that Hannity’s traitorous talk dishonors our troops, their mission and compromises American values.

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