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Immigrant and Race Cards are Trumps in Fox Deck

Reported by Chrish - April 4, 2006

In addition to being afraid of Iran, Al Qaeda, and bird flu, Fox feels that Americans need to fear and loathe illegal immigrants (especially Mexicans) who, according to some commentators, pose a greater threat than Iran, Al Qaeda, and bird flu. There is a steady drumbeat on Fox about too many Mexicans with too many Mexican flags and yesterday morning’s (4/3/06) news featured this on-going theme.

John Scott interviewed right wing radio talk show host Tammy Bruce* and Jim Warren from the Chicago Tribune. Scott began by stating that there is a sharp division about immigration in this country and asked Jim “how this was playing in Chicago when they see people on the street waving flags from other countries?”

Jim responded that, nationally, there is a “distinct ambiguity” but that Senators McCain and Kennedy seemed to be “on the mark” regarding immigration legislation. Tammy then asserted that Bush seems to be at odds with the “general population” that does not support amnesty but expects that the government will do the “will of the people.” (Comment: 56% favor a form of guest worker program and the proposed program is not amnesty). She also managed to work in a comment that, in the recent immigrant demonstrations, the American flag was burned. (Comment: in doing a Google search on immigrant protestor flag burning, I found only one citation about one incident, in a crowd of 500,000 people who protested in Los Angeles. The demonstrations were heralded, nationally, as being peaceful and well organized.)

Later in the hour Bridget Quinn played the Fox race card when she interviewed Barry Saunders, an African American columnist from the Raleigh Durham News & Observer. The segment was about the alleged rape of a local woman by members of the Duke University lacrosse team. She began by saying that she “heard that members of the team were getting death threats.” Saunders stated that this was only a rumor and that the campus and city police are doing a good job patrolling the campus and its environs. He went on to say that the campus was rather quiet considering the intensity of the feelings surrounding the incident. Quinn then asked him “if there was sort of a racial element” to the situation. He responded that “everything in America has a racial element” but that the neighborhood around Duke was tolerant. He did add that racial tensions could “push it over the edge” if things are not handled properly. (Comment: what would Fox do if this occurred at a college in an all white neighborhood? Would they portray the residents as local rabble trying to harass the nice college kids, as they seem to be doing here? If the victim were a white exotic dancer would there be this much interest?)

*For those of you who are new to Fox and don’t know the cast of commentator characters, you might not be familiar with Ms. Bruce. Here is a brief primer of Tammy, who, while not as outspoken as Ann Coulter, is equally obnoxious and right wing. According to her website, she is “an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro death penalty, voted for Bush, progressive feminist.” (Guess because she’s pro gun and pro Bush, the gay thing isn’t a problem with conservatives.) She was past president of the LA Chapter of NOW and made her radio debut on KABC Radio. What she doesn’t tell you is that she was bounced from NOW and the radio station for some very racially insensitive remarks involving OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby. Check out this article in the Daily Howler for more information on the remarks.

Although she is in favor of same sex marriage, she does not approve of gay scoutmasters. To quote from an article about her in Reason Online, August/September 2003: “she argues not only that the Boy Scouts of America have a constitutional right to ban gays from their ranks but that their anti-gay policy is commendable, since having openly gay scoutmasters would expose boys to the risk of molestation.” (Comment: to link homosexuality and pedophilia is scientifically wrong and very offensive). And last, but not least, her radio show is syndicated by Radio Network which also carries Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage and her columns appear in David Horowitz’ Front Page Mag and News Max. Tammy Bruce – “progressive?” I don’t think so.


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