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Bill Maher Has Fun With 'Fox Facts' Chyrons

Reported by Donna - April 4, 2006

Even Bill Maher noticed the big push by Fox News to run 'Happy Iraqi' stories, especially last week. On his HBO Real Time Show on Friday, Maher showed an actual 'happy Iraqi' story with a picture of Bill Hemmer in Iraq and a chyron on the lower third of the picture reading:

'Fox News Live'
Troops Get Turkish Barber
Ear Burning Treatment

Bill said, "In other words, they have Turkish barbers in the Green Zone because they don't trust the Iraqis with a razor."

The following is my transcript on the segment with Bill Maher and Fox News 'Happy Iraqi' chyrons.

Bill Maher: Fox News, when they're talking about the Iraq war, they are always talking about the media not reporting the good news, like they're not the media. That's what amuses me.

That's when he showed the picture of Bill Hemmer and made the remarks listed above.

Bill Maher: But, I want to show you some other lower third, the chyrons there, because they do want to find the good news because they're trying to do their part. Look at some of the things that were on. There's when President Bush was speaking the other day.

Bill reads and shows the following chyrons while a video of Bush speaking plays in the background:

Fox Facts
Among Today's Dead
No One You Know

Fox Facts
Schools Open Today
Bomb Making Schools, But It's A Start

Fox Facts
Headless Body Found With
Winning Lottery Ticket

Bill Maher: See, there's good news coming out of Iraq.

Fox Facts
Iraqi Couples Giving Birth To
'Curfew Babies'

Bill Maher: What could be sweeter?

Fox Facts
37 Sunnis Found Shot In The Head In
Harmless Hunting Accident

Fox Facts
Paris Hilton: Sure, I'd blow an Iraqi

Fox Facts
Foreign Fighters Pouring Into Iraq
But At Least They're Not Mexicans

Comments: Just a segment I thought you'd all enjoy. The world out there does know that Fox is pushing the Bush agenda and trying to tell 'Happy Iraqi' stories. What better way to make fun of the ridiculous ploys of Fox than to use humor and satire? Way to go Bill.

You can catch Bill Maher's Real Time Show Live on Fridays at 11 p.m. on HBO. There are many repeats during the week and you can also catch it or previous segments on HBO on Demand. His website: http://www.hbo.com/billmaher/

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