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Sean Hannity Still “Ignoring” All That Good News Out Of Iraq and Afghanistan In Order To Complain About Yale University Again

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2006

Last night (3/27/06), Sean Hannity again “overlooked” all that good news he complains the mainstream media isn’t reporting about Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, he took some more pot shots at Yale University for failing to follow his commands about their admission policies. Attacking someone else is Hannity’s customary method of “defending” George Bush. But last night it backfired when Alan Colmes pointed out that Hannity’s icon of Yale criticism for the night had a lot of criticisms about the war, too.

For weeks, Hannity has been fruitlessly trying to bully Yale University for having admitted a student who was formerly a spokesperson for the Taliban. You’d think that with a war going on that Hannity and many of the other FOX News pundits feel is not being properly reported, they’d prefer to focus on giving Americans a better understanding of what our soldiers are doing as they risk their lives rather than harping over and over on the admission of one student to Yale. But no.

Hannity gleefully played a clip of a women’s rights activist and member of the Afghan parliament named Malalai Joya speaking at Yale against Hashemi. “The freedom loving people of the USA should raise their voice against the existence of such criminals in your country.” It sounded to me like she was complaining about the State Department letting him in the country more than Yale University admitting him into school. But I digress.

The sole guest was Oliver North. Like Hannity, North is always ready to besmirch people who disagree with him. Completely ignoring the fact that Hashemi has renounced the Taliban, North said, “This is the propaganda minister, the Joseph Goebbels, if you will, who’s now matriculating at Yale University. Think about – would Goebbels have been given a slot at Yale University? Consider that this guy is, by anybody’s definition, a war criminal, and yet they give him one of the very few slots that are available to study at what is supposedly one of America’s most prestigious institutions of education.”

Hannity, picking up on North’s European slur-theme, selected his Tony Blair smear for last night’s attack on liberals. “Tony Blair said that there used to be a time that progressives cared about human rights. What bothers me as much as Yale doing this is the silence and the excuse-making by the very left in this country that lectures us about women’s rights and minority rights.” Hannity conveniently "forgot" that just the other night he had a liberal woman guest who spoke out against Hashemi at Yale.

Oliver North, said he had no problem with foreigners studying at universities. “I have a problem knowing that there are thousands of Afghans who oppose the regime of the Talibans (sic) who would LOVE to be studying here and yet they give one of those precious few slots to this guy."

Comment: If you ask me, former criminal (conviction overturned on a technicality) turned FOX News television host Oliver North is in no position to be complaining about an immoral person getting “one of those precious few slots” that thousands of others would love to have.

Hannity, in his Hanctimoniously quiet voice said with dramatic pauses punctuating each word, “We-can-barely-get-Yale-to-respond.” Apparently, Yale still hasn’t gotten the message that Hannity’s wish is their command.

When it was Alan Colmes’ turn, he zeroed right in on the war that North and Hannity had neglected to discuss. “(Ms. Joya) also says, by the way, we haven’t liberated Afghanistan, there’s been no change in women’s rights there. She says we’re supporting fundamentalist warlords. She opposes our policy. $12 billion in aid hasn’t made it to help the struggling Afghanis and the Taliban still lives in Afghanistan.”

North had no real answer for that other than to sputter that the $12 billion had not been lost, it just hadn’t been spent because the infrastructure wasn’t secure enough yet. (Comment: That doesn’t sound like such good news to me, Ollie, four and a half years after the invasion.) Perhaps realizing he was on thin ice, North said he'd “go back to my Joseph Goebbels analogy ‘cause this is the Joseph Goebbels.”

Colmes wasn’t buying it. “Was Hussein Hitler? Was Hussein Hitler? …Was Hussein that Rumsfeld shook his hand, that was Hitler?”

Hannity, who supposedly doesn’t interfere when it’s Colmes’ turn to do the interviewing, could be heard off-camera. “Hang on.” That’s Hannity-speak for “shut up.” Before North finished answering, Hannity ended the discussion altogether.

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