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Fox Uses LA Student Protests Over Immigration to Fan Hatred of Teachers

Reported by Melanie - March 27, 2006

Roughly 45 minutes into Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (March 27, 2006), substitute host David Asman interrupted the show to bring "breaking news" - live helicopter shots of what Asman said was a student protest in Los Angeles over immigration "reform." Fox aired live shots showing approximately 150 people (I take Asman's word for it that they were "students") marching on the 101 freeway near downtown LA.

While the live shot aired on screen, Asman said, "One wonders whether there are any teachers involved in there."

Later, in another "breaking news" break, over more live shots from a helicopter, Fox went live to reporter Adam Housley who was in LA. Asman asked Housley:

You say they're all high school students. We saw some overhead shots from a helicopter earlier in the day where I saw a couple of people that were definitely not high school age. They were older people seeming to direct some of the chanting and so forth. What about that? Could there be outside folks coming in here directing these students?"

(Comment: Fox didn't air audio during any of the overhead shots so Asman couldn't possibly have known whether the "students" were chanting or not.)


"Oh, most definitely." It was "happening on Saturday." On Saturday "towards the end of the day, David, as you know being on a protest, you start to get adults who come in and sway the young minds because they're the ones with the most energy, the ones easiest swayed. It doesn't surprise me at all if that's what you saw."


"I have to emphasize" that "I don't know who these people were but they clearly weren't students. These were people in their 40's. One question a lotta folks have, I've gotten emails, could they be teachers of these students that are encouraging them?"
(Emphasis added.)


"Could be David."

Comment: Could be? Fox might want to tell its reporters in the field what the line of propaganda is before they go on air. Not minutes earlier, in a segment titled, "Immigration Protests: Students Defend Right to Break the Law," Asman stated as fact that teachers were provoking the students:

"We have teachers...that are encouraging their students to break the law, essentially, making illegals legal." And, "But there's an integrity in the classroom. Teachers have a responsibility to make sure that their students don't break the law."

(During that same segment, guest Dale McGlothlin of "Fair," said the protests are a "shameless act of desperation," that, "they're using children today as human shields for their greed...")

Two short years ago, Bush's former Education Secretary, Rod Paige, epitomized the radical right's view of teachers when he called the National Education Association a "terrorist organization." Leave it to Fox to so creatively fan the flames of the right's War on Education by obfuscating the issues at hand and stating as a fact that LA teachers are encouraging their students to swarm onto freeways to disrupt the lives of ordinary "hard working" American citizens.

Another thing: There's no way in the world - it's virtually impossible - that Asman could determine the age of any of the protestors by watching the shots from the helicopter. You couldn't tell the gender of the protesters or the color of their clothes, much less their age.

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