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A Jab to the Right, A Hook to the Left! Now It's Personal! Sean Hannity vs Alec Baldwin

Reported by Marie Therese - March 27, 2006

We News Hounds were speaking the other day in a conference call and we unanimously agreed that the invective and mudslinging were going to tip the scales between now and November 2006. The GOP is desperate and all bets are off, because the only way they can win the mid-term elections is by sliming their opponents. This morning Sean Hannity appeared on FOX & Friends ostensibly to bash immigrants but his real motive was to do damage control after he lost it big time during a call to the Brian Whitman Show on WABC Radio yesterday.

FOX & Friends played only the very last part of the confrontation, the second go-round.

HANNITY: Oh, Alec, Alec., Alec, Alec. You're a third-rate Hollywood egomaniac.

BALDWIN: No, Sean. You are a no talent, ignorant fool from Long Island.

HANNITY: You're a no talent, third-rate Hollywood failure and you're tryin' to be a talk show host beggin' for a job. Good luck!"

BALDWIN: You should go back to building houses out in Hempstead [Long Island. NY] ...

HANNITY: And you're tryin' to be a talk show host beggin' for a job. Good luck!

BALDWIN: OK. Listen, Sean, we're gonna end this right now

* MARK LEVIN (low voice, taunting): Why is your wife so pissed off at you, anyway?

WHITMAN (surprised): Alright. Now come on guys ...

HANNITY: Brian. Challenge him on his statements. I'll hang up. ...

WHITMAN: Come back. Come back. Alec, now, come back.

Baldwin left the set and refused to complete the rest of the call-in show.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy a knock-down, drag-out free-for-all with lots of name-calling, insults and FINALLY a liberal who fights back. Alec Baldwin left before his allotted time was up which host Brian Whitman was not happy about, unfortunately leaving Hannity the opening to claim "victory". I'll leave it for you to decide if this was a KO or a draw.

But I think Baldwin left because of Hannity's nasty little dig about ex-wife Kim Basinger. The two have been embroiled in a nasty divorce.

Listen to the AUDIO FEED at Crooks & Liars

* Post corrected on 3-28-06 12:04 PM EST to reflect the following change. The attribution for this quote has been changed to "MARK LEVIN" Not being familiar with Mark Levvin's voice and believing that only Hannity was involved in this exchange, I missed the fact that it was Levin who spoke. I apologize to our readers for the mistake. - Marie Therese

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