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O'Reilly insults every Child Protective Service worker in America

Reported by Chrish - March 22, 2006

Bill O'Reilly inflated himself and his viewers' importance in protecting America's children tonight 3/22/06 on The O'Reilly Factor, but in doing so dismissed every one of the tens of thousands of devoted professionals who work to protect and help children in every state and county in this country. He is still smarting from the public whupping he took on the Judge John A.Connor case and complains that because the laws and outcome are not what he would mete out, the entire system has failed and only he and his viewers care about children in America.

What nonsense. Google "child protective services" and there are 18,900,000 hits. Of course there are problems in a system so enormous but to claim that the people who devote their lives and hearts to kids every day don't care, because of one unsatisfactory sentence, is ridiculous hyperbole. Of course, that's his shtick.

O'Reilly used the Talking Points to criticize Judge Connor, The Dayton Daily News, Ohio newspapers in general, Vermont Judge Cashman, and Dr. George Tiller of Kansas, in an effort to make the point that kids in America are "disposable"

He started by saying that if two adult women were raped and the rapist was given probation, every women's group and every media outlet would "demand the removal of the judge." Comment: X. Judges are not to be removed because we don't agree with a sentence. They can be impeached for criminal behavior or extremes of misbehavior but that's not what we're talking about. O'Reilly wants to completely circumvent the procedures put in place by men far wiser and smarter than he to preserve the independence of the judiciary. Just like he supports a King George figure in the White House, he wants a Strict Father in every court room. The proper step would be an appeal.

He uses graphic language to describe sex crimes that defendant Selva admitted to, then says that women's groups and the media were not outrged, and politicians would not act to remove Judge Connor when he sentenced him to probation. Comment: XX. What Selva confessed to and what the two lawyers agreed he would plead to are two different things; his plea agreement was for only two lesser charges and while Connor could have given jail time he was not required to, and on the advice of psychiatrists from both sides, didn't. As a judge it's his prerogative and not uncommon, if unfortunate. Again, the remedy is not removal but appeal and/or a change to the sentencing laws.

He brings up Vermont's Judge Cashman, who originally sentenced a child molester to 60 days and under pressure increased the term to three years.

Today's Houston Chronicle calls for institutionalization rather than incarceration for Andrea Yates, who drowned her five small children. O'Reilly is obviously incensed at the very thought of what they called "enlightened justice."

He takes these four instances and extrapolates from them that children in America are devalued, and using the rhetorical "some people" think, says Roe V. Wade started us down a slippery slope. Always good to outrage the right, he invokes Dr. Tiller, who performs late term abortions. O'Reilly says Tiller has gotten wealthy doing this, and there's no media outrage. Comment: XXX. There's nothing BUT outrage. Tiller has been shot, his clinic repeatedly picketed and and employees threatened. He is demonized for performing abortions that are still legal in Kansas and for trying to protect the privacy of his patients. He's called a monster and a mass murderer and worse. Three strikes for the big BORe, but still he persists:

"Kids today are targets with few defenders, no political clout, and a society disengaged in protecting them. Factor viewers and listeners are the only national group that (he) knows of who are looking out for the kids.' (Of course he couldn't give a plug to the Children's Defense Fund, in which Hillary Clinton has been active for decades and which BTW originated the "Leave no child behind" phrase.) He lauds his audience for putting the pressure on Cashman and now Connor, saying hopefully he will be removed (comment: no chance) "and the Dayton Daily News will lose even more readers and advertisers".

"But outside of you, there are very few who are demanding justice for America's children. And that is America's great shame."

Comment: Look up pompous and there he is. I know personally over a dozen people who work tirelessly with and for kids, as lawyers, advocates, counselors, and foster parents. To say that nobody is lookng out for kids is a slap in the face of every social worker, every juvenile court officer, and devoted teachers, law enforcement officers, and health care workers across the country.

Tell O'Reilly he's not as important as he thinks he is: [email protected]

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