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Bush Gave Himself New Title - Educator In Chief & Continues To Blur The Line Between The Al Qaeda & Iraq Connection

Reported by Donna - March 22, 2006

Today in the 12 noon to 1 p.m. time slot of Fox News Live they began with Bill Hemmer from Camp Fallujah, continuing his 'Happy Iraqi' stories. He spoke about the medical centers set up and we also saw part of a fire drill where howitzers were fired.

Shortly, however, Fox went live to President Bush's speech before a largely military audience in West Virginia. Shortly before they cut to the president, Hemmer said something interesting. He said that the American people might be surprised that news reports and poor pool numbers did not affect the troops much, they just ignore them. Unfortunately, the president's speech came on and we never got to that segment, but I suggest that Bill Hemmer fill in Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly to that fact.

The following are some points the president touched on, I wasn't going to cover his whole speech here or the softball questions from the mostly military audience that followed:

President Bush started his speech by giving himself a new title - Educator in Chief. (Comment: That title itself might be scary) He said it was his duty to tell the American people what was going on in regards to the war in Iraq. He then went on to thank the Governor, Mayor, various state politicians and local politicians in what I'm sure was a message to show that not every one of the Republican politicians where avoiding him.

He again started off talking about 9/11 and the horrible vision of planes flying into the buildings and 3,000 American people left dead and how this changed everything. He also repeated about how he wasn't the only one to think that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He said that Congress also thought so, as had his predecessor as did the whole world. (Comment: I'm not sure about the whole world statement, I seem to recall many were not convinced) The problem was, he said, was that intelligence had broken down. But then he went on to insist that Saddam Hussein had the capacity (my emphasis) to make Weapons of Mass Destruction. And, he added, that our planes were being shot at over the no-fly zone. (Comment: So, I guess the new reasons for going to war with Iraq are that Saddam Hussein had a capacity to make WMD's and he was shooting at out planes. We had complete air authority over the no-fly zone)

Then he compared Iraqi's situation to the start of our country and made an odd statement. He said that our country was founded on the natural rights of men and women. (Comment: I think he needs to hit the history books on that one -- women fought tooth and nail to get some of the same rights that men have, we still don't have an Equal Rights Amendment)

He didn't disappoint, though. When he spoke about insurgents coming into Tal Afar, he continued to blur the line between 9/11 and Iraq by saying, "Americans cannot understand the nature of how brutal these people are. It's shocking what they'll try to do to attain their objectives. But it really shouldn't shock us when you think about what they did on September 11th. It's the same folks. Same attitude. Same frame of mind. (My emphasis)

Comments: Yes, he can continually say he never said there was a direct link between Al Qaeda and Iraq but he manages to parse his words to make it seem so, doesn't he? Are people buying this?

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