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Fox, the Weekly Standard, and the WSJ Join to Float a Bush "Third Term" Trial Balloon

Reported by Melanie - March 20, 2006

Every day, during the opening seconds of Your World w/Cavuto, Neil Cavuto hypes two or three of the segments that will be featured on the show. One of the segments he hyped today (March 20, 2006) was about giving George Bush a "third term." Cavuto hyped the segment a second time ten minutes into the show saying, "A third term for President Bush? What the President could do right now to make the Democrats ducks." A chyron hyped it 25 minutes later: "A third term for President Bush? Find out how, next," and a few minutes after that, heading to a break, Cavuto hyped it a-g-a-i-n, saying, "A third term for President Bush without changing the Constitution one bit," when we come back.

Finally, the segment began. It was titled "A Way for President Bush to Have a 'Third Term'." Cavuto's guest was Fred Barnes, co-host of Fox's "The Beltway Boys," a regular contributor to "Special Report with Brit Hume," and co-founder and executive editor of the Weekly Standard, a radical, ultra-conservative magazine owned by Fox's parent company, News Corp.

During the roughly three minute segment, Barnes repeated a scenario he wrote about today on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal: "A 'Third Term' for Bush - Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove need new jobs." Barnes insisted he wasn't floating a "trial balloon" despite the smug look he gave Cavuto when Cavuto "joked" about his frequent contacts with Bush.

During the segment, Barnes suggested, as he did in his WSJ piece, making Condi Rice VP; making Cheney the Secretary of Defense("I couldn't think of anybody who'd be better."); appointing Joe Lieberman (Listen up Connecticut!) Secretary of State, and putting Karl Rove in charge of the Republican National Committee.

Comment: Come on! Of course Barnes is floating a "trial balloon." When someone from the Weekly Standard has an article printed on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and appears on Fox News, all within the span of 16 hours, you know the Republican Taliban is up to something.

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