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And Then They Came for the Catholics...

Reported by Janie - March 16, 2006

Yesterday, the hosts of Dayside introduced a segment in which they discussed the new immigration bill recently proposed by Congressmen Peter King (R - NY) and James Sensenbrenner (R - WI, who recently co-sponsored a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment) in which it would become illegal to provide any sort of aid or comfort to illegal immigrants. Dayside chose not to present it this way, but the guests invited on for the debate defended themselves quite well, and explained the situation in a rational, well thought out manner.

Mike Jerrick opened the segment, by completely and totally misrepresenting the discussion he was introducing, "In Los Angeles Roger Cardinal Mahoney is urging priests at his diocese to break the law. Is this appropriate for a high ranking church official? Kevin Appleby is the director of migration of refugee policy at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Father Jonathan Morris is a Fox News Contributor. So, Kevin, explain to me here, I think there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in our country, I mean, could the majority of them see jail time, and what kind of breaking of the law would it be, is it a misdemeanor? Just to be here illegally?"

KA: "To be here illegally right now is a misdemeanor, but let me clarify for you what Cardinal Mahoney did say in Los Angeles. First, let me tell you what he's not saying. He's not saying that the Catholic Church supports or encourages illegal immigration. Why would we? It hurts the migrant who comes and suffers exploitation and risks his life in the desert. It's not good for the migrant, and it's not good for society because we create a two-tier society, and we create a permanent underclass in our society that's in the shadows. What the Cardinal is saying, is if someone comes to our doors, we are going to provide them assistance. We are not required, under current law, to ask for someone's papers when they come to a soup kitchen, or any of our social service agencies. And we don't believe we should, we are not law enforcement officials and we shouldn't be enforcing the law. What we do as a church, and the mission of our church is to help those that are in need. And what this bill will do, the House bill, which is very extreme, it would criminalize anyone who offers a cup of soup, first aid, a glass of water to a migrant. And subject them to 5 years in prison, and we think that's just extreme and it's a misapplication of government resources to go after the humanitarian workers and other good Samaritans and nuns and put them in jail as a solution to our immigration crisis."

Comment: Mike Jerrick either had no idea what the segment he was introducing was about, or he intentionally misled the audience to believe that the Cardinal Mahoney was attempting to allow illegal immigrants to come into the country. Fortunately, Appleby was articulate and corrected Jerrick, hopefully straightening out the audience's perception.

Co-host Juliet Huddy cut off Appleby just as he was mentioning that under the bill nuns and other humanitarian workers could be sent to jail for merely providing a cup of soup to an illegal immigrant, so that his comment would not make the full impact on the audience. "Let's bring Father Jonathan in. This bill was actually co-written by Congressmen Peter King of NY, we always have him on the show, and James Sensenbrenner as well. So Father, essentially, if you are an illegal under this bill you can face jail time if caught, but then the bill goes, as Kevin was saying, even further. Anyone assisting these people could potentially be considered breaking the law, face arrest, face jail time. What are your thoughts about this?"

Father Morris, who was extremely fired up on the topic, made an amazing point. I doubt we'll be seeing much more of him on Fox. " Well just to take up a little where Kevin left off, what we're not talking about is building some sort of tunnel from Tijuana to San Diego, and having the Bishop there saying come on, let's go! Come to the United States, that is wrong, that is not what Cardinal Mahoney is saying. What's happening in the United States right now Juliet is that we have a very hypocritical system in which we're saying you can't come, but we're going to let you come in, because our companies need you, then we're going to try to find you, and if we do find you we're going to put you in jail, but we're not going to put the companies in jail, it's hypocritical, we're turning a blind eye on a lot of criminality. And we have to be very careful, but we have to allow, make sure we're protecting humanity both illegals and Americans, and then we have to create a system that is not illegal but that is safe and legal and that is going to respect human rights."

Huddy didn't seem to like his answer and responded with, "I think it's also important to point out that a lot of these illegals coming in are Roman Catholic."

Comment: Father Morris was EXACTLY right with his sentiments. Illegal immigrants are coming into this country because our greedy corporations would rather pay less than minimum wage to foreigners, instead of paying scale to American citizens. The illegals are coming to the U.S. because they are able to get jobs, not because the Catholics are willing to help them with a random meal. Mexico has a huge Catholic population, and the Church is the focal point of many of their lives. They don't need to come to America to go to a Catholic Church and get a cup of soup. But Huddy showed her true colors, as the lap dog for corporations, since she chose to attempt to pin the problem on the Catholic Church, rather than where it really lies - with her corporate masters.

She continued by attempting to paint those against this bill as hysterics, "Father, very quickly, the spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform says that opponents of this are deliberately attempting to spread hysteria. Do you think that's the case?"

Comment: The only people that are hysterical are those that think punishing a nun will curb illegal immigration.

JM: "Well, let me tell you, first of all this is a political issue. If I'm a politician and I want to get elected, and my base is conservative, what I'm going to say is I'm going to stop immigration. I'm going to put up a wall. If, on the other hand, I'm more liberal, what I'm going to say is you know, the wall is not the right thing. We have to be careful, and this is the job of the people Juliet, this is the job of the people Mike, it's to stand up and say we want balance, we want laws that are going to respect human rights and also are going to give security to our country. That's not being done, politicians are not doing that."

Comment: Appleby finished off the segment by summarizing the arguments he made through out the segment. Both guests did an excellent job of explaining their position on the topic, providing an excellent example for the Christian Almighty, even as the Fox hosts continued to whore for the Almighty Corporation.

As an aside, I thought some of our readers might enjoy reading the comments from the Dayside audience on the topic. Let's see if you were blown away by them as I was.


Audience Member 1: " I was born and raised in El Paso, TX which was a border city. We just couldn't imagine life without these immigrants really, because we needed them for everything and now that the Church is involved its a parallel world, the church and state and they're crossing over but we still are going to help them."

Audience Member 2: "Yes, I've lived in El Paso, McAllen, a lot of the border cities, and there is a big problem with illegal immigrants coming across, I've even had a lady work for me and she was an American, and she said she had lots of friends that would come over, use our services and then go back across the border."

THESE are the people that watch Fox!

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