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The Snitch Instead Of The News

Reported by Ellen - March 8, 2006

As I just posted, Hannity & Colmes ignored what is surely the largest news story of the day, the House Appropriations Committee voting 62-2 to block the UAE port deal. But for the third night in a row, the Colorado Snitch, Sean Allen, the student who taped his teacher and whose father turned over the tape to conservative talk radio, was there with another version of his story that has been largely unscrutinized.

Besides the fact that he keeps changing it, there’s a lot about Sean Allen’s story that doesn’t add up. But I have yet to see him receive any hard questioning. For example, Allen claims he was taping his teacher, Jay Bennish, in order to have better notes. But, as Alan Colmes asked, why did he only tape 20 minutes of the class? Allen claimed it was because that was the only part that contained the teacher’s lecture. So was the rest of the class irrelevant to Allen’s studies? Nobody asked.

Last night, Colmes finally asked Allen why, if he had a problem with what his teacher was saying, he didn’t just go to the principal instead of to a conservative talk radio host. Allen claimed that he had and that he was intimidated by his teacher. Too intimidated by the teacher but willing and able to go on national TV night after night?

So why DID Allen and/or his family go to talk radio? What did Allen expect to achieve, other than to stir up a lot of trouble and notoriety? This is another question I have yet to see anyone ask him.

Allen claimed last week that he didn't want his teacher to be fired. But in each appearance, he seems to become more and more antagonistic toward Bennish. Now that he has triggered the investigation, has Allen told the school board he doesn't want Bennish fired? If he's so upset about the teacher that he had to get the word out on talk radio, why would Allen want the teacher to continue?

How much effort did Allen really go through trying to resolve this matter at the school level, before he decided to make a big splash for himself and a big headache for his teacher? That’s another answer I’d love to see someone determine or at least press him for.

It seems pretty clear that Allen has been coached by his conservative media friends. Sean Hannity told him tonight "I'm proud of you." On a previous occasion, Hannity told Allen that he had behaved "perfectly." As always with Sean Hannity and FOX News, the agenda is more important than the truth.

Now that he has stirred up a lot of trouble for his teacher (who has been put on indefinite paid leave), Allen is now whining about how HE is the victim. “I’ve just been trying to get back to being a normal high school student but every time they come out with more false attacks… I feel to a very great extent these people are trying to divert attention from the situation.” Well, Snitcho, when you go to the media with an issue that could have been easily resolved on a personal level people do tend to have questions about YOU. Ask Linda Tripp.

The purported news peg of tonight’s discussion was the remarks by Jay Bennish’s father criticizing FOX News’ coverage of this issue. The father was quoted as saying “Fox News Channel’s coverage reminds me of McCarthyism.” I'm delighted to know Bennish's father has focused on FOX News' coverage because it really deserves scrutiny. Franky, I'm sick of posting about this story and would like nothing better than never to look at Allen's freckled face of studied innocence again. The only reason I'm bothering tonight is because I found out that if you search “Sean Allen” in Google News, News Hounds posts come up on the first page. I just can't resist one more opportunity to make FOX News a part of the national conversation on this issue.

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