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"No litmus test", and I have a bridge for you

Reported by Chrish - January 31, 2006

Let's not waste any time. On The Big Story today 1/31/06, host John Gibson asked FOX News Legal Analyst (and long-time friend of the newest Supreme Court Justice, sworn in about four hours earlier) now that Alito's on the court, what lies ahead? Without hesitation Napolitano (JAN) replied "In a word, abortion."

Gibson first asked JAN, "a friend (his emphasis) of the Justice, are you going to get invited to all those Supreme Court parties now?" JAN replied probably not, but it would be nice. Methinks we have to take his reviews of Alito and his performance with a grain of salt, as has been pointed out previously.

Asked what was facing the court right away, what's number one on Alito's list, JAN replied that both the 9th Circuit Court in San Fransisco and the 2nd Circuit in Manhattan today told the Federal government not to enforce its ban on so-called "partial birth abortions", a subject near and dear to (Bush's) (so-called) heart. Those two and a similar case from Nebraska will make their way to the Supreme Court, probably this spring, and we'll know right away where Roberts and Alito stand on the issue. (Comment: like we don't already know, puh-leeze.)

In his usual fair, balanced, and professional manner, Gibson states "If the Second Circuit agrees with the Ninth Circuit, and we know the Ninth Circuit is the loony circuit out there in San Francisco, ...is there something flawed about the law?" JAN relied that there's nothing wrong with the law, it's just that the last time it was ruled on by the Supreme Court it was a five-four vote, with Sandra Day O'Connor in the majority, to tell Nebraska that it would be un-Constitutional to enforce the ban. JAN describes the medical procedure intact dilation and extraction (the aforementioned "partial birth abortion") dramatically, saying it is available to women up to one minute before giving birth. (Comment: Riiiiight. In the delivery room a woman moans "I can't do this anymore. Abort it." and the doctor obligingly stabs the healthy pre-born baby. C'mon, get real.) JAN says when it comes before the SC again they will vote five-four to uphold the ban on this particular act.

Comment: Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone paying attention, the right-wing is getting what they paid for at last. All that Republican yapping was cover for the true agenda of the right - the revocation of a woman's right to determine for herself whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. The fact that we now have mountainous deficits, endless war, an increasingly filthy environment, more poverty, less healthcare, and international disdain all attributable to the single-minded pursuit of this invasion of privacy matters not to these single-issue fanatics.

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