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Let's Keep Underfunding Our Educational System So Neil Cavuto Can Continue to Claim Your World is a Business News Program

Reported by Melanie - January 25, 2006

The biggest news influencing Wall Street today (January 25, 2006) was concern over "much weaker than expected" housing data released this morning. The data, weak for the third consecutive month, "could undermine consumer confidence and hurt the US economy." Given that consumer spending has been the engine driving the U.S. economy roughly since George Bush told us to go shopping in the wake of 9/11, anything that might undermine consumer confidence and slow spending could have serious economic repercussions.

You'd reasonably expect to hear some talk about this housing data on a "business news" program, right? Me too. I watched for it on Your World today (January 25, 2006). I saw two segments about attacking Iran and Syria. I saw a segment about CEO pensions. I saw a segment about glitches in the new Medicare plan being the media's fault. I watched two segments about American Idol - one titled "American Idol$" and the other titled "Truth Hurts" - is "American Idol Cruel or Just Good Fun?" I watched, and I waited. And I waited, and I watched. Ah ha! Here comes the rapid-fire "Fox Stox" segment. (Fox Stox is a roughly 90-second segment during which Cavuto reports various and sundry "business news.") Again, I watched.

The first blurb was about Survivor "star" Richard Hatch's conviction of tax evasion. Next came a report about Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling (Enron) appealing a judge's refusal to move their trial out of Houston. After that I heard that "BB&T bank" has decided not to lend to developers who want to build on land seized by eminent domain. Next came a bit about Google being "under the gun for agreeing to censure" search results in China. And, last but not least, Cavuto told his audience about a survey that showed that 75% of dog owners would work longer hours if they could bring their dog to work, 33.3% would take a 5% pay-cut, and 49% would change jobs to "be with their pooch."

Nothing about the housing data. Nothing. Aside from showing the final numbers on the Dow and the Nasdaq, the "Fox Stox" segment was the only "business news" (such as it was) covered on Your World today.

Capping it all off was this portion of a letter Cavuto read during the "Mail it In" segment at the end of the show:

Neil, please give up your reporting and commenting on things other than business. You don't know squat about things not business-related.

Comment: Maybe the reason the Bush administration doesn't want to put more money into our schools is because people might then be educated enough to realize that "business news" and "Your World" do not go together. Or that Fox News is nothing more than a neo-con propaganda machine. Meanwhile, I can't help but imagine the thousands and thousands of viewers who stare at Your World every day, being infused with propaganda, all the while believing, and I mean BELIEVING, that they're watching a "business news" program.

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